Sikafloor® Marine-590

IMO approved self-levelling decorative resin

Sikafloor® Marine-590 is a self-levelling aliphatic 2-component polyurethane decorative floor resin. It is part of the Sikafloor® Marine Deco Comfortsystem for interior use and the Sikafloor® Marine Deco Teak system for interior and exterior use. Sikafloor® Marine-590 has been tested according to the FTP Code system and is approved according to the IMO Marine Equipment Directives. If Sikafloor® Marine-590 needs to be accelerated, Sikafloor® Marine-001 or -002 can be used.  

  • Good application characteristics
  • Very UV stable (non yellowing)
  • Decorative designs solutions
  • IMO approved
  • Very low VOC emission
  • Solvent-free 
  • Longterm elastic
  • Acceleration option available
Sikafloor® Marine-590