Hybrid sealants are an integration of both our high-performance polyurethane and silicone sealant technologies. These technologies create a hybrid sealant that has both the durable and paintable properties of a polyurethane sealant, while also having the superior weathering and UV resistance of a silicone sealant. Browse our SikaHyflex® line of hybrid sealants below to see which one would work best for your next project!


The joint is where the different building elements and materials meet. A joint is where two components meet and occur mainly within segments of construction or at a part of an interface between two variants. Joint sealing facilitates construction as many components are made of different materials that need a joint to allow for movement of the structure but must keep water, air, heat cold and vapor-tight seal. As the most vulnerable part of a structure, the joint needs the best product to protect the structure from the environmental elements and only correctly specified and professionally applied high-quality joint sealants will manage to keep the building or structure sustainably airtight during its lifespan. Sika has a wide variety of joint sealant solutions that will suit all of your construction needs, browse our product lines to find which joint sealant is the solution for your next project!