Westec Epoxy Gel 151

Polysulfide-Modified Epoxy Novolac

The Westec Epoxy Gel 151 System is a multi-functional polymer epoxy formulated to provide maximum chemical resistance to Sulfuric Acid and other aggressive chemicals. Micro fillers and epoxy Novolac resin are combined with special “stress-reliving” additives to provide a durable and concrete compatible surfacing.
  The Westec Epoxy Gel 151 was designed specifically to complement the Westec® retrofit waterstop. The gel provides a gasket seal behind the waterstop and has similar chemical resistance to the TPER waterstop. The Westec Epoxy Gel 151 System is designed for a broad range of applications depending on specific service requirements including duration and degree of chemical exposure.  

  • Resists concentrated acids in immersion service.
  • Superior compatibility with concrete substrates.
  • 100% solids - Contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).
  • No heat or baking required to achieve properties.