Polyurethane and Silicone Sealants for Sealing and Bonding

Sikaflex Polyurethane Sealants

Proven over the years, Sikaflex Polyurethane is the product of choice in a wide range of construction applications. Polyurethanes exhibit many characteristics that offer advantages in certain applications. These characteristics are:

Adhesion: Sikaflex sealants will bond to more surfaces, particularly porous substrates such as concrete and masonry, without the use of primer. It is an accepted fact that Sikaflex polyurethanes have superior wetting action in achieving a bond to various substrates under jobsite conditions.

Dirt Resistance: Because of their exclusive chemical design, Sikaflex sealants exhibit far less dust and dirt pick-up during cure and over the lifetime of the building.

Substrate Staining: Sikaflex sealants possess an extremely stable consistency and will not stain or discolor virtually any common substrate.

Paintability: Sikaflex sealants can be treated with most coatings and paints without the risk of delamination.

Water Immersion: Many Sikaflex sealants can be placed in totally immersed environments without being affected by the action of the water.

Select from below to view details of sealant product options:

Architectural Sealants
Building Sealants

- Polyurethanes

- Silicones

- Hybrids

Control Joint Sealants
Control Joint Systems

- Sikadur-58 CJR

- Sikaflex-1c SL

- Sika Loadflex 524 EZ

- Sikadur 51 NS

- Sikadur 51 SL

Roadway Sealants
Runway / Roadway / DOT Sealants

- Sikaflex-1c SL                     - Sikaflex-2c NS

- Sikaflex-2c NS EZ Mix          - Sikaflex-2c NS TG

- Sikaflex-2c SL                     - Sikasil-728 NS

- Sikasil-728 RCS                   - Sikasil-728 SL

-Sikaflex-2c NS Arctic

High Performance Joint System

- Sikadur 31 Hi-Mod Gel (1:1 Mix Ratio)

- Sikadur Combiflex SG System

Pick-Proof and Tamper-Resistant Sealants

- Sikadur 23 Lo-Mod Gel

- Sikadur 31 Hi-Mod Gel (1:1 Mix Ratio)

- Sikadur 51 NS

- Sikadur 51 SL

Multi-Purpose Adhesion Sealants

- Sikaflex-11 FC

- SikaBond Construction Adhesives

Sealant Primers
Sealant Primers

- Sikaflex Primer 260, 429, and 449

- Sikasil Primer-2100

Sikasil Silicone Sealants

Sikasil silicone is the product of choice when specific characteristics are desired in a sealant. Typical conditions favoring selection of Sikasil silicone sealants occur in glass-to-glass and glass-to-metal interface in glazing systems. Important characteristics include:

Adhesion: Excellent adhesion to glass including conditions subjecting sealant to reflected UV radiation at the bond line.

Color Retention: White and other light colors will not yellow with age. Therefore white remains white.

Heat Resistance: Applications subjecting sealant to unusually high temperatures can often be sealed with Sikasil silicone sealant.