Become a Certified Waterstop Installer

Sika's Waterstop Welding Certification Program is available to contractors and their employees to fulfill training and certification requirements for welding PVC or other thermoplastic waterstop materials. 

Procedure for Completing Certification Program:
  1. View the Welding Demo video below. (If Internet access is unavailable in your area DVD's of the welding demo are also available. Please contact us for additional information). 
  2. Each employee seeking certification must view the instructional video in its entirety. 
  3. Each employee seeking certification must product a sample of PVC or other thermoplastic waterstop material following the procedure demonstrated in the video. The sample weld should be produced from two pieces of waterstop that are 6" in length (12" completed weld) minimum.
  4. Each employee must print their name and the date legibly on the weld they have produced and complete the declaration form. (Copies of this document will be accepted) 
  5. Submit the weld to the address specified on the declaration form.
  6. If contractor is working on a specific project that requires waterstop welding certification please include the official project name as well as the project location.
  7. A type written list of each candidate's first name, last name, and their employer's full name is appreciated.

Sika will test each weld for quality assurance. Applicants who have submitted an adequate weld will be issued written notification naming them as certified thermoplastic waterstop welders by Sika. Applicants who submitted substandard welds will be notified what caused the failure and are encouraged to submit a second sample for testing.

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