SikaProof® A+12 can be used as both pre and post-applied systems. When used for a post-applied application, the system consists of a highly flexible polyolefin membrane (SikaProof® A+12) and thixotropic-1 component cement-modified adhesive (SikaProof ®Adhesive-22). This exclusive system build-up creates a full and durable bond when installed onto existing hardened concrete structures, such as horizontal edges, decks, and on walls with double-faced formwork. In addition, the adhesive prevents any lateral water migration between the SikaProof® A+ 12 membrane system and the existing concrete. 


The SikaProof® A+12 system consists of a flexible FPO membrane SikaProof® A+12 available in thickness of 1.2mm. The SikaProof® A+12 membrane is installed onto the freshly applied SikaProof ® Adhesive-222 onto the prepared hardened structural concrete substrate. 

SikaProof 1201 System