For over six decades, “Greenstreak” has been recognized as an industry leading manufacturer of concrete construction products that include waterstops, concrete joint sealing systems, architectural concrete formliners, joint doweling systems, and miscellaneous concrete accessories. Unsurpassed quality, innovation, technical service, and customer care has positioned Greenstreak as one of the most specified brands of concrete construction products in the world. Virtually any concrete project has the need for one of the many Greenstreak products, including water/wastewater treatment plants, hydroelectric dams, tunnels, mines, distribution centers, “big box” stores, medical facilities, educational facilities, chemical storage facilities, or any commercial/residential building basement. Additionally, patented technologies such as X-Plug, G-Seal, Speed Plate, Speed Dowel, and Laser Form are consistently recognized by industry-leading contractors as means for trimming significant field labor costs and improving construction schedules.

In 2010, Greenstreak Group Inc. was acquired by Sika Corporation, further strengthening the “Greenstreak” brand by aligning it with the world’s largest construction chemicals company, at which time the Sika Greenstreak brand was created.Sika Greenstreak currently operates as the “Engineered Waterproofing” Target Market within Sika Corporation. Sika Greenstreak brand continues to maintain its position of leadership within the markets its serves by consistently developing new innovations and staying current and active in industry organizations, immediately reacting to the needs of Owners, Architects, Engineers, and Contractors alike.  Sika Greenstreak’s extensive staff of licensed professional engineers serving as Product Managers and Technical Sales representatives has earned the trust of specifiers across the globe by constantly providing solutions and specification guidance on some of the most challenging construction applications in the world.

Sika Greenstreak is also pleased to recently announce the launch of multiple below-grade waterproofing membrane systems for projects requiring a dry basement structure. Sika Greenstreak waterproofing solutions for Division 7 specifications further complements decades of experience providing solutions for watertight needs addressed in Division 3 specifications.

Sika Greenstreak sales office and manufacturing center is centrally located in St. Louis, MO, with additional product inventory conveniently located in multiple Sika warehouses across the United States.