Which Waterproofing System is Right For You?

 If your building is like most, it has critical interior areas that must be protected from the damaging effects of water, moisture or other contaminants. If these areas are covered with soil, landscaping, pavers or concrete/pavement, it is extremely costly and challenging to remove the overburden and determine the cause should a leak occur. As a result, one of the most important decisions you have to make is the waterproofing system.

Sika Sarnafil’s superior PVC membrane waterproofing systems are used on horizontal grade applications such as plaza decks, green roofs, balconies and planters.  To help you make an informed decision on which system might be right for your waterproofing project, below are brief descriptions for each of our systems.  Click on a system to learn more. 

Waterproofing Systems:

Chicago City Hall
Lightweight and easy to install 
A heavy duty polypropylene geotextile acts as a leveling layer which minimizes expensive surface preparation 
Can be installed over damp or irregular surfaces in any temperature 
Sika Sarnafil’s bright orange G476 membrane makes it easy to identify and inspect to maintain high levels of quality assurance and control during construction 

Sika waterproofing's loose-laid system is the most economical of our high quality waterproofing systems because of its ease of installation. It is often used to protect plaza decks and vegetated roofs, either on new construction or renovation projects.  As with all of Sika's waterproofing systems, a key component is our durable, highly puncture resistant G476 membrane.

The Chicago City Hall vegetated “green” roof, as seen in the below photo, is protected by Sika Sarnafil’s Loose-Laid System.  As Chicago’s first green roof project, the City wanted to be sure that its roof deck has long-term protection from root growth, heavy overburden, algae and insects. They chose Sika waterproofing because of its proven performance track record of more than 30 years protecting green roofs throughout Europe.