Sika provides solutions for even the most challenging requirements with its unique waterproofing product portfolio, contributing to efficient, long-lasting infrastructure, be it for drinking water facilities (fulfilling the most stringent drinking water approvals), tunnels, bridges, basements or balconies.

Below Grade Waterproofing Membranes, Pre/Post Applied Loose-laid Membranes
Pre/Post Applied Loose-laid Membranes

Loose laid Sikaplan PVC and TPO sheet membrane systems are designed for long-term durability and can be built as standard single layer compartment systems up to the active control system for highest demands.

Below Grade Waterproofing Membranes, Pre-applied Fully Bonded Membranes
Pre-applied Fully Bonded Membranes

SikaProof, a fully-bonded TPO membrane system offers customers high waterproofing safety and installation efficiency, typically used for basements.

Post-applied Self-adhered Membranes
Post-applied Self-adhered Membranes

SikaBit is a post applied self-adhered bituminous waterproofing membrane utilized for damproofing and waterproofing concrete. 

Waterproofing Membrane Accessories
Waterproofing Membrane Accessories

Sika has various accessories available including prefabricated drainage composites and leveling/separation layers to complete your waterproofing job.

below grade waterproofing applications

The team at Sika Waterproofing provides resources for all types of waterproofing projects. These projects can be stand alone applications or are often tied into Building Envelope Solutions.

Sika offers products for both pre-applied waterproofing as well as post applied waterproofing. Typical Applications include:

Medical Facilities


Production Facility

Parking Structures

Commercial and Education

Infrastructure WWTP



Energy and Mining