The Sika® Injection product family is a solution for waterproofing of buildings and underground structures. Since it is a reactive compound, it requires careful dosage of the components to ensure the full function. The high-performance acrylic injection Sika® Injection-310 US is an easy-to-use powder-based system. Application is as easy and safe as preparing an instant dish: pour – stir – ready. This innovative system enables safe and easy application of high-performance injection and eliminates the risk of dosage errors.

Reducing the carbon footprint in waterproofing

Sika Injection 310

Conventional acrylic injections are supplied as three-component systems including resin, hardener and accelerator. These liquid components have to be packed and kept separately to prevent preliminary curing. The hardener requires special handling as it is classified as a dangerous good.

Sika® Injection -310 US is an innovative injection material that sets a new standard in post applied waterproofing applications. It combines all components in only one powder that has to be simply mixed with water in order to obtain the injection solution.

Thus, this powdery one-part material represents a user-friendly injection that paves the way for highly reliable waterproofing applications. As Sika® Injection-310 comprises all components for a reliable cure in one part, the risk of injecting wrongly mixed and unreactive chemicals into soil and ground is eliminated. This contributes to an efficient consumption of waterproofing material and reduces the release of chemicals to the environment. 

Sika® Injection-310 US allows for improvements of the supply chain as well. As the material is not labeled as dangerous good no precautionary measures have to be taken for shipping and no limitations concerning transportation apply. Focus is laid on local production, which reduces the expenditure of shipping and leads to a reduction of the carbon footprint. In contrast to the conventional acrylic injections, Sika® Injection-310 US is provided as bagged goods that result in a reduction of the plastic packaging material of 80%. It goes without saying that the packaging waste on site is reduced to the same extend. Sika Injection-310 US is based on Sika's proprietary technology.