Innovative Re-Cover Performance

Have an old or just failing waterproofing system and not sure what options you have now that you need a new one?  Look no further than Sika Sarnafil’s Grid System.  This system was designed for renovation projects where the substrate is contaminated or removal of the existing waterproofing is not practical, Sika offers the grid system. It combines all of the advantages of a loose-laid Sarnafil membrane with the added security of adhered membrane grid strips.  

The adhered grid strips act as a sub-membrane waterstop to compartmentalize the waterproofed areas and limit overburden removal if a problem develops. As the name implies, the area to be waterproofed is marked out in a grid pattern, with each section becoming its own individual containment field.  Should a leak occur in the future, the containment grid isolates the water, eliminating any potential spread from one section to another.  The grid system can be installed economically over existing waterproofing with minimal deck preparation and removal of the existing waterproofing system.

Below are some of the reasons why a self-adhered waterproofing system might be the best fit for your project.

Concrete Slab

A concrete slab is a common structural element of modern buildings, consisting of a flat, horizontal surface made of cast concrete that can be used in areas such as the floor or the roof.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are made in a factory rather than poured on site.  Concrete pavers are a mixture of concrete and some type of coloring agent poured into a mold of some shape and allowed to set.

Adjustable Paver Pedestal

Paver pedestals go under the paver and can be adjusted up or down to make your plaza deck level.  Pedestals are designed to hold the weight of the paver as well as foot or vehicle traffic. 

Grid System Benefits:
  • Proven Sarnafil membrane
  • Factory-manufactured and easy to install
  • No dangerous and environmentally unfriendly asphalt and blow torches
  • Grid strips eliminate the potential spread of water from one section to another
  • Minimal deck preparation of the existing old system
  • Test drains can be installed to identify a possible leak
  • The bright orange Sarnafil G 476 membrane makes it easy to identify and inspect to maintain high levels of quality assurance and control during construction
  • Watertight with hot-air welded seam overlaps
  • Root and decay resistant membrane
  • Membrane designed for extreme conditions such as low alkaline levels, fungi, bacterial organisms, constant dampness and ponding water
Sika at Work: John F. Kennedy Library

The Grid System was used to waterproof the plaza area of the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston, Massachusetts. Because of the irreplaceable artifacts and documents located directly beneath it, the owners wanted absolute system integrity and maximum watertight security. For this reason, the consulting engineers specified Sika waterproofing’s high performance Grid System. 

John F. Kennedy Library and Museum