1-component powder-based acrylate waterproofing injection resin, now available


Sika® Injection-310 US is a 1-component, powder-based polyacrylic injection resin for use in waterproofing repair. The all in one, ready to use powder, only requires mixing with water. After the addition of water, the chemical reaction is activated producing a very low viscosity resin which cures to form a tough-elastic gel. 

Advantages of Sika® Injection-310 US include: 

  • 1-part, all-in-one product 
  • Activation by just adding water 
  • Easy to mix compared to multi-component resins 
  • Reduced risk of incorrect component proportioning 
  • Easy to apply with 1-component pump 
  • Very low viscosity 
  • Equipment easy to clean, only water required
  • When cured, insoluble in water and hydrocarbons 


Sika Injection 310
"“Sika® Injection-310 US is an innovative injection material that sets a new standard in post-applied waterproofing applications,” says Ryan Fisher, Vice President of Waterproofing for Sika Corporation. “This is the first powder-based 1-component acrylate waterproofing injection resin in the market, and it will greatly simplify material handling and use for applicators.” "

Sika® Injection-310 US applications include: 

  • Repair by injection of damaged waterproofing membranes (single and double layer system) 
  • Sealing of construction joints via injection hoses, I.e. SikaFuko® System
  • Injection of construction and movement expansion joint
  • Injection repair of horizontal, vertical and overhead static/active cracks  

Sika® Injection-310 US represents a user-friendly injection material that simplifies material preparation resulting in a highly reliable waterproofing injection system. As Sika® Injection-310 US comprises all components for a reliable cure in one part, the risk of injecting wrongly mixed and unreactive chemicals is eliminated.