Sika's innovative elastic and structural adhesive solutions provide commercial vehicle manufacturers with tools for more flexibility in assembly, improved vehicle fuel efficiency, higher payload, and visual design. The integration of composite and plastic materials requires new joining techniques.

Sika's expertise in selecting the right adhesive solution and defining the best assembly process enables efficient project work. Sika provides a full set of material data that allows CAE engineering to verify concepts in an early stage.

" Sika's innovative mindset, together with a full set of technologies and material data, equip you with confidence in dealing with design challenges."

Sika Technologies for More Freedom of Design in Vehicle Engineering

Sika offers a unique portfolio of technologies and is continuously developing new solutions to meet our customer's challenges. Our smart elastic and structural adhesive solutions have proven their value in countless cases, globally.

Joining Dissimilar Materials

Achieving weight reduction and cost targets in vehicle design is driving the use of composite parts and plastic materials. Such materials can’t be welded and require new joining techniques. Overcoming different thermal expansion rates or durability of the element needs to be considered. Sika has more than 40 years’ experience in the integration of composite and plastic components in automotive and commercial vehicle designs.

Structurally Bonded Windows and Windshield

The automotive industry has been using windshields as a contributor to vehicle stiffness for more than 40 years. As a result, steel thickness and consumption was reduced. Bonded glass also benefits modern transport vehicles with additional stiffness. For use on large screens and commercial vehicles, Sika’s glass adhesive solutions are the ideal solution.

Glass Adhesives

Flat Design with Weathering Resistant Sikaflex®

Flat surfaces not only give the vehicle a more elegant look and feel, but they also increase vehicles’ aerodynamics and ultimately result in lower fuel consumption. Sikaflex® weathering resistant sealants are ideal for filling gaps between windows and combine excellent tooling performance with high weathering durability. The use of weathering resistant Sikaflex® also ensures compatibility with repair adhesives and sealants.

Glass Bonding

Replacing Mechanical Fixtures

Mechanical fixtures such as screws and bolts add substantial weight to vehicles. Using them also creates stress peaks that may result in reduced longevity of the connection or the need for additional stiffening. SikaPower® SmartCore epoxy adhesives provide your engineers with additional tools to reach strength and stiffness requirements with a proven record of high impact and fatigue resistant joints.

Metal Adhesives and Epoxies

Sika as the Customer’s Strategic Partner

Sika’s global team provides expertise in the integration of composite parts and plastic components to vehicle design. Our service includes advising on thermal expansion and bonding process parameters, as well as testing adhesives and parts for your specific projects. For calculations, we support your CAE engineers with material data that allow the verification of new concepts in an early stage.