Sika’s adhesive systems stand for optimal industrial bonding processes: Fewer working steps, by eliminating primers. Fast, accelerated curing panel adhesives that allow shorter process steps and changed order of body assembly help Transportation OEMs improving their adhesive bonding processes. Sika has been supporting our customers with the integration of adhesive technologies for panel assembly, glass installation, and repair. Sika technologies allow the assembly automation of sandwich panels as well as bonding entire vehicle structures for more than 40 years.

Sika’s global expertise, combined with the local technical service provides commercial vehicle manufacturers optimal solutions for individual process optimization challenges.

"Sika’s innovative, fast cure adhesive bonding technologies and technical support help the transportation industry worldwide to optimize production output and lower cost of manufacturing"

Sika Technologies Improve your Assembly and Adhesive Bonding Processes by Making them Faster and more Efficient

Sika has a unique portfolio of technologies. These were developed by taking our customer's process optimization challenges in mind. Our smart solutions have proven their value in countless cases globally by increasing Transportation manufacturers process efficiency.

Fast Cure adhesive systems for quicker handling and less waiting time
Primerless adhesives allow reduction of substrate preparation steps
Adhesive solution for an optimized and customized manufacturing process

Fast Curing Glass and Panel Adhesives with SikaBooster® Technology

Adhesives compatible with SikaBooster® and PowerCure technology offer a unique strength development profile. Allowing the removal of fixtures soon after installation enables automated industrial assembly processes. Vehicles may be moved to the next workstation quicker, cycle-time may be reduced or assembly steps following may be done earlier in the process.

SikaForce® Adhesives for Optimized Production of Insulating Sandwich Panels

Truck-trailers are built for durability and lightweight to maximize the longevity and payload of the vehicle. SikaForce® Technology provides manufacturers of sandwich panels with unique flexibility and speed in production, resulting in up to 30% higher process efficiency and output.  

Sikaflex® STP Adhesives with low Surface Preparation Requirements

Sikaflex® STP adhesives are silane terminate polymers adhere without the use of a primer to a wide range of bonding substrates. This can help to eliminate bottlenecks in production and reduce manual operation. Sika's STP adhesive technology delivers higher strength than comparable SMP products and is easy to use in industrial assembly processes.

Long Working Time and Fast Curing with SikaForce® Curing by Design Adhesives

Latest SikaForce® adhesives for structural panel assembly offer an unseen combination of long working time and a swift snap cure effect, even at room temperature curing. They are thus optimizing your adhesive bonding processes to become more efficient and faster.

Sika as the Customer’s Strategic Partner for Industrial Assembly Automation and Process Optimization

Sika’s global organization helps you in assessing and optimizing industrial assembly and adhesive bonding processes.
Our experts provide expertise for simplified adhesive bonding processes and process automation to maximize your production output. We support you in the conception phase as well as by providing customized solutions for optimizing the industrialization. Fast and accelerated curing adhesives optimize your manufacturing process by reducing component handling time. All-in-one sealing & bonding solutions combined with adhesives that require no or little pre-treatment reduce complexity and mistakes and ultimately increase production output. Rely on Sika – starting from the conception phase to production, anywhere in the world.