How can a three-component adhesive technology for sandwich panels offer unique flexibility and boost output for trailer manufacturers? 

To answer this, Sika experts are working together with leading manufacturers of refrigerated trailers to optimize “open times” for curing of larger panels. The result is a up to 30% increase in output and introduction of breakthrough adhesives to move the industry forward.


Sika Industry - Moving Forward

Lightweight and Durable Vehicle Bodies 

Insulated sandwich panels are critical for the manufacturing of refrigerated semitrailers, dry freight box bodies, and other types of transport vehicles. As a fundamental part of the trailer body, they need to be durable, lightweight, sustainable and protect the cargo. 


Facade and truck trailer constructed with Sandwich panels

Moving the Transportation Industry Forward

Today, fueled by robust global demand in transports, there is an ongoing interest in efficient, sustainable trailers for temperature-controlled transport and inner-city deliveries of online orders. Some freight companies that held off buying during the pandemic are now ordering everything from large to lighter trucks and vans. The result is a bottleneck in many markets. 

Wanted: Faster Trailer Build Rates


So, what is holding up production? Together with customers, Sika bonding experts boiled it down to two key words: open times. As one trailer maker stated: “This is super important to us because it’s the amount of time allowed to bond a substrate together before it starts to dry and form a skin. Too short, and you won’t be able to form a secure bond. Too long, and you’ll be waiting for the adhesive to reach handling strength.”

SikaForce® 3C Laminating Adhesives


Recognizing the need for an advanced and more flexible adhesive system, Sika developed the three-component polyurethane SikaForce®–712 3C system. This groundbreaking solution comprises two different A-components: SikaForce®–712 L7 (fast curing) and SikaForce®–712 L80 (slow curing), combined with a hardener, SikaForce®–010. 

Adjustable Reaction Speeds

Thanks to its innovative chemical mix, SikaForce® allows you to adjust the reaction speed of the laminating adhesive, in real time, to maintain output regardless of ambient workshop temperature or the complexity of the sandwich panel. It also lets you cut the press time significantly, while maintaining the required work time. Compared with conventional two-component systems, SikaForce®–712 enables faster production. 

Up to 30% Increase in Output

Does it work? A global manufacturer of freezer trailers, which switched from a 2C to 3C system, told us: “SikaForce®–3C laminating adhesive technology enabled an increase in the output of our insulating panel production by 30%.” This is just one example of a new generation of semi-trailer and refrigerated freight manufactures who are teaming up with Sika to increase production speeds and efficiently bond more complex composite walls.

Development Partnership and Support

Building trust through strategic partnerships was key. In this case, customers valued our ability to team up with them, exchanging creative ideas and suggestions, from the concept phase to production – anywhere in the world. We could literally test and evaluate their local application methods and check results in our full-scale application centers. This was vital since several were producing panels in hot and colder climates that impacted viscosities.Another plus, according to our panel development partners, was Sika’s long-term commitment to R&D and training in the adhesives field. Currently, Sika offers its customers access to 21 Global and 64 Local Technology Centers, with a group-wide R&D staff of 1,334. Local training and access to our central Knowledge Center is widely appreciated.

Capitalizing on Strong Future Growth

Looking to the future, the sandwich panel market is anticipated to grow at CAGR 6.7% annually through 2027, reaching a total market value of €4.2 billion by 2028, according to Business Wire. Today and tomorrow, Sika intends to be at the side of its customers, helping them take a greater and more profitable piece of this growing pie. 

Moving Sandwich Panel Production Forward

With faster production, greater versatility and adaptable open times, manufacturers can optimize their processes, reduce cycle times, and improve overall productivity. The enhanced thermal insultation, strength and weight properties of the panels further solidify the appeal of this advanced technology. By choosing Sika’s innovative adhesive systems, manufacturers can achieve superior performance, efficiency, and durability in their truck trailer construction, setting new industry standards and move their business forward.

icon showing a sandwich panel for lamination

Sika supports laminated sandwich panel makers with:

SikaForce®–712 3C system, allowing:

– up to 30% faster production of large panels

– adjustable open times, faster press times

Global R&D: with local technical support and service 

Reporting & approvals: Test reporting for trailer safety approvals

Consulting services: from design to selection of product and equipment 

Access to training & support: professional development, online training