Bonding Excellence – Sika's Quality Program


Technical support for our customers has always been a high priority at Sika.

It is not enough for us just to deliver our reliable and certified products, but also to enable our customers using Sika products in a professional way. This also includes a careful project workflow with clear responsibilities and tasks for facade projects. Training and securing knowledge is an essential pillar for a successful project realization. To achieve this, we have created modern digital tools. Furthermore, the jobs in the construction industry are becoming increasingly challenging. Driven by the use of new materials, stricter building regulations and an increasing decoupling of planning and execution in the globalized economy, Sika responds to the ever growing complexity in the construction industry with the BONDING EXCELLENCE program. 

The BONDING EXCELLENCE program covers all the various, sometimes delicate aspects of a structurally bonded facade project and combines them on an advanced, easy-to-use online portal. In this way, a complex project from planning to implementation in a cross-company team becomes a manageable and fluent project workflow. Such a professional project execution contributes to creating trust to our mutual business partners - the building owners and planners alike.

BONDING EXCELLENCE PLATINUM contractor is showing continuity over several years in terms of quality management and business relation

The company shall not compromise in quality. Management and workers alike are fully committed to take appropriate measures to constantly improve quality of the production process and the finished product. Regular audits carried out by Sika are intended to check whether lessons taught have been implemented in the facade projects. These audits are integral part of the BONDING EXCELLENCE program. The benefits given by Sika are advanced technical service and extended warranties. And finally, we are proud to promote our BONDING EXCELLENCE PLATINUM contractors to specifiers and investors.

Trained applicators are trained by Sika in the use and application of Sika products.

During live training sessions, the important aspects of successful bonding are trained such as surface pretreatment, correct product application and quality control scheme. Factory audits by Sika are performed on request

Advantages of BONDING EXCELLENCE Portal:

Efficiency gain in handling of structurally glazed facade projects

Lean management of your facade project with BONDING EXCELLENCE

Comprehensive technical training for your applicators

Increased quality awareness in your teams

Trustworthy safety of your finished glass and facade products

Driving a new professional standard for structural glass facades

"When a professional user of Sika products always does more than we expect, isn't it fair that he can expect more return from Sika? That's what we believe and as a repsonse, Sika has created two different programs that make our customers even more professional in their Facade Projects. "

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