SikaLastomer-90 Isobutylene Tripolymer Tape is a high performance, tacky elastic butyl tape designed to bond through oily GALVALUME, KYNAR 500, aluminized steel, ZINCALUME, galvanized metal, aluminum, siliconized polyester and polyvinyl fluoride painted metals, glass, wood, concrete, fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP) and similar substrates. Its superior surface tack affords tenacious adhesion to these substrates without pre-wiping surfaces even at temperatures as low as -5°F (-15°C). Where superior tensile strength and extensibility (webbing/elongation) are critical, in both hot and cold climates, use SikaLastomer Isobutylene Tripolymer Tape rather than general purpose butyl tapes. SikaLastomer is formulated without asbestos fillers. SikaLastomer-90 contains a special additive which inhibits a broad spectrum of microbial activity.

  • Resistance to fungus / mildew growth
  • Almost odorless
  • Paintable
  • Will not stain painted or unpainted surfaces