SikaPower®-492 is a one-part,  warm-applied, heat-curing high structural, impact modified adhesive based on epoxy.  SikaPower®-492 is designed for sheet metal assembly work in the body shop and is cured with heat, e.g. in the paint oven, to form a high-performance thermoset.


SikaPower®-492 is suitable for high structural bonding of different types of metal. As an adhesive product, it is designed for use in combination with spot-welding, riveting, clinching, and other mechanical fastening techniques, and in some cases as a partial replacement for them.

  • One-part
  • High strength
  • Adheres well to oily substrates
  • Very high resistance to washing out
  • Suitable for joining different metals
  • Spot-weldable
  • Distortion-free joining
  • Provides protection against corrosion
  • No damage to substrates
  • Contains no solvents, PVC or isocyanates