Sikasil® IG-25 HM Plus

2-component silicone insulating glass secondary sealant for air- / gas-filled IG units

Sikasil® IG-25 HM Plus is a 2-component, neutral-curing insulating glass secondary sealant with structural capabilities. With its high modulus at short elongation it is especially designed for air- and noble gas-filled IG-units. It is complying with EOTA ETAG 002 and provided with the CE-mark.  

  • Meets requirements of EN 1279-4,
    EOTA ETAG 002 (carries ETA) and EN 15434 as well as ASTM C 1184 and ASTM C 1369
  • Structural silicone adhesive according to EOTA ETAG 002, DoP 70119976, certified by Factory Production Control Body 0757, certificate No. 0757-CPD-596-12-002e, and provided with the CE-mark
  • Design tensile strength for dynamic loads:
    σdes = 0.19 MPa (ETA)
  • CEKAL and SNJF VI-VEC recognized (product code: 2968)
  • Excellent UV and weathering resistance