Sika Advanced Resins Epoxy Lamination Systems l Pro’s Choice Goalie Masks

Shown at right: Pro’s Choice is a leading manufacturer of composite-based, custom-fit, hockey goalie masks.

Hear from owner, Dom Malerba, as to why he trusts Sika’s epoxy lamination systems to help ensure his masks perform to the highest safety and quality standards.

Epoxy Lamination Systems | Room & High Temperature


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Epoxy Lamination Systems - Room Temperature
Product PDS
Resin SDS
Hardener SDS
Tg (°F) Mix Ratio Cured Color Mixed Viscosity (cps) Pot Life (min/g) Description & Applications
SikaBiresin® CR77 FR

SikaBiresin® CR77 FR (A)

[EL-319 (A)]
SikaBiresin® CH77-2 (B) Fast

[EL-319 (B) Fast]
120 100/12 Lt. Amber 1,780 36/200 Flame-retardant (FAR 25.853), UV-resistant. halogen-free system for composite parts
SikaBiresin® CH77-4 (B) Slow

[EL-319-1 (B) Slow]
100/19 900 108/200
SikaBiresin® CR62 FR

SikaBiresin® CR62 FR (A)

[EL-320 (A)]
SikaBiresin® CH62 (B)

[EL-320 (B)]
140 100/10 Lt. Amber 2,650 45/200 Flame-retardant (FAR 25.853) system for composite parts
SikaBiresin® CH62-1 (B) Fast

[EL-320-1 (B)]
100/17 1,700 16/200

SikaBiresin® CR96 FR


SikaBiresin® CR96 FR (A)

[EL-322 (A)]

SikaBiresin® CH96-2 (B)

[EL-322 (B)]
  100/16 Lt. Amber 550 49/100 Halogen-free, flame retardant, epoxy laminating and infusion system developed for use in fabricating parts or repairs on structures that require flame retardant, self-extinguishing properties with room-temperature curing capabilities.
AL 2020 AL 2020 AL 2021 H 154 100/22 Clear 1,000 65/100 Flame-retardant (FAR 25.853), unfilled system used with glass, carbon, aramid or hybrid fabrics. Ideal for high performance parts meeting NASCAR fire retardant requirements. Suitable for vacuum bagging and RTM. Can be heated immediately for faster process times
AL 2022 H 100/24 1,300 210/100
AL 2023 H 100/30 1,300 570/100
SikaBiresin® L323

SikaBiresin® L323 (A)

[EL-323TC A]
SikaBiresin® L323 (B)

[EL-323TC B]
160* 100/93 Green Dough 120/400 Moldable epoxy dough-like compound for composite duplicating aids, jigs & fixtures
EL-302PC EL-302PC EL-302PC H 170* 100/16 White 3,000 31/232 General purpose epoxy tooling resin with good fabric wet-out properties. Used for duplicating aids, jigs, and fixtures
EL-302PC-2 H 100/19 3,000 60/200
SikaBiresin® CR72
(Marine 820)
SikaBiresin® CR72
(Marine 820)
(Marine 822)
180 100/18 Lt. Amber 650 30/200 UV-resistant, general purpose, low viscosity system used for fabrication of laminated or infusion molded composite parts and structures
(Marine 823)
350 45/200
(Marine 824)
425 60/200
TCC-205 TCC-205 TCC-102 H 180* 100/25 Amber 700 17/100 Unfilled, general purpose laminating and board adhesive
TCC-104 H 800 32/100
SikaBiresin® CR88

[Epolam 2015]
SikaBiresin® CR88 (A)

[Epolam 2015 A]
SikaBiresin® CH88-6 (B) 

[Epolam 2015 B]
190 100/32 Clear 550 140/500 Marine system for production of composite structures and tooling by hand layup, RTM, and infusion methods
Epoxy Lamination Systems - High Temperature
Product PDS
Resin SDS
Hardener SDS
Tg (°F) Mix Ratio Cured Color Mixed Viscosity (cps) Pot Life (min/g) Description & Applications
TCC-230 TCC-230 TCC-102 H 200* 100/17 Amber 4,000 5/100 Unfilled, general purpose laminating and board adhesive
TCC-104 H 200* 20/100
SikaBiresin® CR101
SikaBiresin® CR101 (A)
SikaBiresin® CH101-2 (B)
[EL-335 (B)]

SikaBiresin® CH101-3 (B)
[EL-335-2 (B)]
212 100/20 Lt. Amber 1,500 50/228 High performance, impact resistant, toughened system for composite parts
Epolam 2500 Epolam 2500 Epolam 2500 H 212 100/22 Beige 1,800 90/500 Flame retardant system (FAR 25.853 compliant) for composite parts
SikaBiresin® L337
SikaBiresin® L337 (A)
[EL-337 (A)]
SikaBiresin® L337 (B)
[EL-337 (B)]
238 100/16 Gray 4,000 50/232 Good room temperature curing properties system for laminated vacuum form, RIM, and RTM molds
SikaBiresin® CR128
SikaBiresin® CR128 (A)
[EL-336 (A)]
SikaBiresin® CH128-2 (B)
[EL-336 H (B)]

SikaBiresin® CH128-4 (B)
[EL-336 LPL (B)]
262 100/22 Amber 2,500 40/228
SikaBiresin® CR163

SikaBiresin® CR163 (A)

[EL-315 (A)]
SikaBiresin® CH163-1 (B)

[EL-315-1 (B)]
305 100/19 Black 2,500 55/100 Unfilled system for laminated carbon fiber or E-glass composite tools requiring heat resistance
SikaBiresin® CH163-2 (B)

[EL-315-IHL (B)]
331 100/25 Amber 3,250 63/100
SikaBiresin® CH163-6 (B)

[EL-315-2 (B)]
450 100/24 Amber 4,500 200/100
SikaBiresin® CR216
[Epolam 2090]
SikaBiresin® CR216 (A)
[Epolam 2090 (A)]
SikaBiresin® CH216-50 (B)
[Epolam 2026 (B)]
401 100/53 Amber 650 1,500/150 Ultra-high temperature system for production of composite tooling and structures by vacuum bagging and infusion processes
SikaBiresin® L325 HT

[EL-325 HTTC]
SikaBiresin® L325 HT (A)

[EL-325 HTTC (A)]

SikaBiresin® L325 HT (B)

[EL-325 HTTC (B)]

425 100/25 Gray Dough 105/454 Ultra-high temperature, moldable dough-like compound used for composite vacuum forms, RIM, and RTM molds
SikaBiresin® CR226
[Epolam 2092]
SikaBiresin® CR226 (A)
[Epolam 2092 (A)]
SikaBiresin® CH226-20 (B)
[Epolam 2092 (B)]
437 100/50 Amber 550 400/500 Ultra-high temperature, heat curing epoxy infusion system for composite molds and structures