Filling & Fairing Compounds | Flame Retardant Options


Core Fillers
Product PDS
Resin SDS
Hardener SDS
Color Tg (°F) CTE
[Fire Retardant]
CF230 CF234 H Charcoal 131 17 4,350 65 D Syntactic paste for edging honeycomb or cell densification for insert anchoring and repairs
FIilling & Fairing Compounds
Product PDS
Use Temp
Pot Life
Resin Color Shore
Micro-Ultra 15-3
[Flame Retardant]
Micro-Ultra 15-3 130 6/50 White 76 D FAR 25.853-compliant, qualified to several OEM specifications: for repair & finishing of interior composites
SikaBiresin® AP111
(P-11 Type I)
SikaBiresin® AP111 130 15/100 Light
75 D Flexible polyester bond and fill paste for FRP, concrete, and wood repair/bonding applications
SikaBiresin® AP112
(P-11 Type II)
SikaBiresin® AP112 Green 130 5 or 9/100 Green 83 D

Fiber-filled polyester bond and fill paste for increased strength for large scale repairs of broken FRP structures

SikaBiresin® AP112 White White
SikaBiresin® AP012
SikaBiresin® AP012 130 5/100 Pine 60 D Pattern and model carvable filler for shaping applications to wood without dulling or damage to tools
P-26 P-26 130


Beige 60 D Impact-resistant, light weight, fast set; used for metal and FRP filling and finishing
SikaBiresin® AP034
SikaBiresin® AP034 130 5/100 Model Plank
60 D Model Plank® filler for fast-set repairs and changes to model board surfaces
SikaBiresin® AP771
(APF 77/1 R)
[Flame Retardant]
SikaBiresin® AP771 212 11/100 Off-White 80 D

Self-extinguishing, FAR 25.853/REACH-compliant; used for honeycomb panels and other substrates

SikaBiresin® AP004
(APF 4)
SikaBiresin® AP004 White 285 6/100 White 89 D Premium, general purpose, low shrinkage, exceptional adhesion; used for filling and fairing of composite panels and structures
SikaBiresin® AP004 Gray Gray
SikaBiresin® AP014
SikaBiresin® AP014 White 285 5/100 White 86 D Versatile, fast-set, dimensionally stable; used for filling/fairing porosity and voids on composite surfaces
SikaBiresin® AP014 Gray Gray
SikaBiresin® AP006
(APF 6)
SikaBiresin® AP006 400 16/100 Orange 89 D High heat and chemical-resistant, styrene-free, polishable mold repair system
SikaBiresin® AP007
(APF 7)
SikaBiresin® AP007 Gray 400 6/100 Gray 89 D High heat-resistant, styrene-free polyester fill and fair repair paste for composite panels and structures
SikaBiresin® AP007 White White
SikaBiresin® AP007 Black Black
SikaBiresin® AP170
(APF 175 S)
SikaBiresin® AP170 400 22/1 Orange 89 D High heat-resistant, styrene-free, epoxy-bondable gel coat; used for molds and mold repairs for FRP and epoxy molds/tools
SikaBiresin® AP017
SikaBiresin® AP017 Gray 400 6/100 Gray 80 D High heat-resistant, styrene-free, and rigid; used for surface repairs of molds and parts for a variety of substrates
SikaBiresin® AP017 Black Black
SikaBiresin® AP017 White White
SikaBiresin® AP017 RR
(P-17 RR)
SikaBiresin® AP017 RR 400 11/100 Amber 90 D Styrene-free reducer resin for custom thinning of P-17 and P-17 SMCR
SikaBiresin® AP017 SMCR
(P-17 SMCR)
SikaBiresin® AP017 SMCR Black 400 9/100 Black 88 D High heat-resistant, styrene-free, easily sandable; used for surface repairs of SMC parts and FRP molds
SikaBiresin® AP017 SMCR White White
SikaBiresin® AP077
SikaBiresin® AP077 400 10/50 White 86 D High heat-resistant, styrene-free, easily sandable; suitable for above and below the waterline applications
SikaBiresin® AP078
SikaBiresin® AP078 400 45/100 White 75 D High-heat resistant, styrene-free, long work life, easily sandable; used for large marine FRP surfaces
SikaBiresin® AP405
[Flame Retardant]
SikaBiresin® AP405 400 6/102 Light Pale
73 D FAR 25.853 compliant; halogen- and styrene-free; lightweight; high heat-resistant. Used for filling porosity, surface blemishes, edge fill/ panel close out, and repairing broken areas