Pre-Applied Waterproofing Membrane

SikaProof® A-05

SikaProof®A is a pre-applied sheet membrane waterproofing system consisting of an embossed, highly flexible polyolefin membrane (FPO) with a unique sealant grid pattern and a specially designed non-woven fleece. This exclusive system build-up creates a full and durable mechanical bond when the fleece is completely embedded in fresh concrete. In addition, the sealant prevents any lateral water migration between the SikaProof®A membrane system and the structural concrete. 

SikaProof® A-08

SikaProof® A-08 is an embossed polyolefin FPO sheet membrane for pre-applied fully bonded below ground waterproofing of reinforced concrete structures. Membrane thickness 0,8 mm. SikaProof® A-08 is cold-applied without heat or open flames to prepared substrates or onto formwork before fixing reinforcement and concrete placement. The membrane has self-adhesive longitudinal strips for bonding overlap joints and is laminated with a unique sealant and a non-woven fleece backing layer which creates a bond with the cast concrete.

SikaProof® Tape-150

SikaProof® Tape-150 A is a self-adhesive tape, based on a polyacrylate-adhesive on a yellow carrier film coated with the SikaProof® A fully bonded sealant and fleece system.

SikaProof® ExTape-150

SikaProof® ExTape-150 is a self-adhesive tape, consisting of a film with a butyl rubber adhesive that is covered with a protective divided release liner.

SikaProof® ExTape-150 is used to adhere and seal joints and overlaps of the SikaProof® A sheet membrane system, as well as to execute details and connections where required on the smooth membrane surface side of the system.

SikaProof® Fix Tape-50

SikaProof® FixTape-50 is a double-sided adhesive tape, consists of a butyl rubber adhesive that is covered with a release liner.