Post-applied Self-adhered Membrane (SikaBit)

Sika® Drainage Mat

Sika Drainage Mat composites are available in both high flow dimpled core and high crush resistant geonet constructions. They perform a multi-faceted role by providing protection for RoofPro membranes as well as a means of collecting and conveying excess water in plaza decks, split slabs, planters, roof gardens and other roofing and waterproofing applications.

SikaBit® S-60

SikaBit® S-60 is a proprietary composite, uniquely designed to provide high strength, low temperature adhesion and high temperature stability in a superior waterproofing membrane. A tough cross-laminated film forms a resilient barrier against physical damage and water migration.  It is a cold applied system requiring no heat or special equipment to install.  SikaBit® S-60 is ideal for waterproofing below grade concrete, masonry structures and wood surfaces where in-service temperatures will not exceed 130°F.  It can also be applied to split slab construction both above and below grade as well as earth sheltered structures.