Helping Rebuild America‘s Infrastructure:

With the U.S Department of Transportation placing a heavy focus on rebuilding our nations highway and bridges, Sika has started to concentrate time and resources into getting Sika Products on Florida DOT QPL. Let‘s rebuild or infrastructure with quality products & durable systems.

These Sika Products are DOT Approved in your state:

Florida Sika Dot
Florida Sika Dot
Florida Sika Dot
Application Classification Product
Epoxies 926: Epoxy Compound Type PSE Sikadur® 31, SBA Normal Set
  926: Epoxy Compound Type A/B Sikadur® 32 Hi-Mod
  926: Epoxy Compound Type A/B/E Sikadur® 35 Hi-Mod LV
  926: Epoxy Compound Type Q Sikadur® 42 Grout-Pak PT
  Per Job Basis Sikadur® 22 Lo-Mod FS
Sealants (silicone) 932: Joint Sealant Non-Sag Silicone - Type A Sikasil® 728 NS
  932: Joint Sealant Self Leveling Silicone - Type B Sikasil® 728 SL
Mortars 930: Horizontal Surfaces Rapid Hardening Sikacrete® 321 FS
    Sikacrete® 421 CI Rapid
  SikaGrout® 212 SikaGrout® 212
  930: Horizontal Surfaces Rapid Hardening SikaQuick® 1000
  930: Horizontal Surfaces Very Rapid Hardening SikaQuick® 2500
  930: Predominately Vertical Surfaces-Ultra high Performance Sikacrete® 100 CI
    Sikacrete® 211 / 211 SCC Plus
    SikaQuick® VOH