In the United States of America, infrastructure is deteriorating at an alarming pace. In 1988, the American Society of Civil Engineers released its first  Infrastructure Report Card, an assessment of the state of American infrastructure, giving the US a “C” letter grade overall. In the 30 years since, the overall infrastructure rating has continued to decline, most recently receiving a “D+” grade.

Sika has the expertise and experience to innovatively support design ideas and the fulfillment of different requirements in bridge construction.

Concrete Repair

concrete repair underneath a bridge
  • A repair material for every application; form and pump, form and pour, trowel applied, spray applied
  • Fast setting products allowing return to traffic in as little as 45 min.
  • Produced in state of the art Sika manufacturing facilities under strict quality guidelines
  • Key Product: SikaCrete, SikaQuick, SikaRepair, SikaCem

Bridge Deck Overlay

concrete repair underneath a bridge
  • Conforms to current ASTM C-881, Type III, Grades 1 & 2, Class-C and AASHTO M-235 specifications
  • Binder resins for epoxy mortar and concrete for patching and overlays
  • Approved for DOT applications in most states
  • Multiple formulas to meet specific requirements
  • Key Products: Sikadur Product Range

Concrete Protection

concrete repair underneath a bridge
  • Sacrificial anodes protect reinforcing steel for many years
  • A complete range of silane and siloxane sealers with some innovative cream silanes for vertical surfaces
  • Anti-Carbonation coatings offer extremely high resistance to chlorides and waterborne salts
  • All solutions are vapor permeable to mitigate potential freeze/thaw damage
  • Key Products: Sika FerroGard, Sika Armatec, Sikagard

Pile Jacketing

concrete repair underneath a bridge
  • Full-system solutions for timber and concrete piles
  • Pre-Fabricated sleeves simplify repairs
  • Guaranteed compatibility across product lines
  • Proven solutions for common failures
  • Key Products: Sikadur, SikaGrout, Sikament, Sika Ferrogard

Joint Solutions

Constructions workers on bridge applying joint sealant
  • Single-source full joint systems
  • Repair all joint types on bridges or highways
  • EMSEAL BEJS and Sika sealants accommodate all movement
  • Fast-setting options for quick-turnaround jobs
  • Joint Nosing Mortar used for both asphalt and concrete
  • Key Products: Sikasil, Sikadur and EMSEAL BEJS

Segmental Bridge Adhesives

a segment of a bridge showing exposed concrete and rebars
  • Sikadur 31 SBA comes in slow and normal set formulations
  • Contact strength up to 2,000 psi after 8 hour max. open time
  • Conforms to current ASTM C-881, Type VI, VII requirements and ASBI guidelines
  • Paste consistency for easy, non-sag vertical application
  • Key Products: Sikadur Product Range

High Friction Surface Treatment

drone footage of highway surface repair
  • Conforms to ASTM C-881, Grade 1 and AASHTO M-235 specification
  • Products successfully evaluated through National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP)
  • Designed to work with automated equipment
  • Traffic time as low as 2 hours
  • Key Products: Sikadur Product Range


yellow bucket pouring out cementitious material into grout
  • Effective Bearing Areas greater than 95%
  • Low dust and low exotherm formulas allow for deeper pours in confined areas
  • All Sika cementitious grouts meet ASTM C-1107
  • Packaging options for cement and epoxy grout to meet project need
  • Key Products: Sikadur and SikaGrout

Crack Repair and Healer Sealer

man installing a crack repair system
  • Rapid cure allows for traffic or additional overlay applications in as little as 2.5 hours
  • Tenacious bonding even in moist conditions
  • Ultra-low viscosities, ~100 cps, for even the smallest cracks
  • 50 years of proven performance with their Sikadur crack repair systems
  • Key Products: Sikadur Product Range

Structural Strengthening

Showing underneath of bridge with structural strengthening
  • Offering includes carbon & glass in both woven and pultruded formats
  • Approved by ICC ESR-3288 and IBC 2015 Compliant
  • UL Approved 4 hour fire resistance over SikaWrap and Carbodur
  • The new and exciting rage of SikaWrap PreSaturated fabrics can reduce labor by 50%
  • Key Products: SikaWrap and Sika CarboDur


Man installing Rods with Sika AnchorFix
  • ESR to AC308 by ICC-ES (ESR-3608) and IAPMO-UES (Report #0327)
  • Certified to ANSI /NSF 61 by UL & IAPMO-R&T (N-7858)
  • Product available for application temperatures down to -15°F
  • Detailed Design and Installation guides available online
  • Key Products: Sika AnchorFix Range