Glass and Windshield Adhesive Bonding Solutions

Sikaflex® polyurethane adhesives and sealants for glass and windshield bonding provide customized solutions to vehicle manufacturers.

Regardless of process requirements and environmental conditions, repair or OEM application, Sika has the answer. Since the early 1980ies, Sika has continuously innovated adhesive solutions for vehicle glass installation. Adhesive bonding solutions, like the economic black-primerless process, and SikaBooster® and PowerCure for faster strength development, are synonyms for the innovative Sikaflex® adhesive technology.

Sika offers versatile solutions for commercial vehicles combining fast curing bonding performance and durable exterior sealing in one solution.

Man applying glue to a windshield of a train with a manual gun
"We rely on weathering resistant Sikaflex® polyurethane adhesives for glazing and gap filling on our buses. They are easy to use and tool in the factory, and Sika® provides us with a compatible, fast curing repair solution in case a glass breaks."
Application of glue ond glass pefrormed in rail factory

Sika as a Customer’s Strategic Partner for Windshield Installations

Sika’s global network of experts provides the best matching windshield bonding solutions for vehicle manufacturing and repair. Our competence from Automotive production offers expertise in process automation. Our local technical experts support you in achieving fast and straightforward processes with minimal primer and pre-treatment steps. They are also ensuring the durability of the installation by providing you with performance testing on individual projects. 

Rely on Sika – starting from the conception phase until production, anywhere in the world.

Freedom of Design

Bonded glass and windshields not only results in elegant surfaces for optimal aerodynamics but also increases the overall stiffness of the vehicle. Car manufacturers have implemented windshields as structural parts to vehicle design already in the 1970ies. Most modern buses are built with bonded glass, too.

Weathering Performance and Durability

Sika's All-in-One windshield sealant solutions for use as glass adhesive and exterior joint sealing allow the use of one product for bonding and gap filling applications. Reducing the number of products in production reduces mistakes and inventory costs.

Sustainable use of adhesives

Solvent-free adhesion promoters, primers, and adhesives reduce VOC emissions to a minimum. Reducing not only the environmental impact but also vehicle interior contamination. Workspace for the primer application in production can operate without ventilation.

More Efficient Adhesive Bonding Process

Sika offers warm-applied polyurethane adhesives for automated windshield installation. With SikaBooster® and PowerCure accelerated windshield adhesives, not only ensure complete curing of large joints. They also reach handling strength quicker. In repair applications, these technologies enable the shortest Safe Drive-Away Time.

Sikaflex® Solutions for Automated Processing

Customers manufacturing trucks and cabins for off-highway machinery rely on Sika’s expertise in the automotive segment regarding process automation. Warm-applied Sikaflex® polyurethane adhesives provide high initial strength ideal to keep the glass in place right after installation.

Keep windshield in place right after installation
Automated windshield installation


Sikaflex®-276 PC-2

Sikaflex®-276 PC-2 is a new generation of Sika’s Pre-cure (PC) technology. The polyurethane is dispensed by utilizing a pump out of bulk packaging and applied at 50-60°C. While cooling, the viscosity increases significantly keeping the windshield in place. Sikaflex®-276 PC-2 is ideal for automated windshield assembly and can be combined with SikaBooster® technology for fast through-curing.

Sikaflex® All-in-One Solutions for Window Bonding and Joint Filling

Weathering and UV resistant high-strength Sikaflex® windshield sealants are optimal for bus and rail manufacturing. They combine a high strength bond with excellent resistance to sunlight. All-in-one Sikaflex® solutions reduce the number of products in production as well as the risk of mistakes and inventory costs. They are the choice of leading Transportation OEMs for use as windshield sealant and adhesive.

Weathering and UV resistant
All-in-One Use for windshield bonding and backfilling


Sikaflex® Aftermarket Solutions for Commercial Vehicle Glass Replacement

Sika offers customized solutions for any challenge in OE assembly and aftermarket repair. Our aftermarket solutions for the transportation industry are meeting all the requirements from OEMs.

Short Safe Drive-Away Time also for large windshields
OEM Approved adhesive solutions


Sikaflex®-271 Booster / PowerCure

The Sikaflex®-271 adhesive system is reaching the same final performance after curing regardless of curing with air moisture, SikaBooster®, or PowerCure. The Sikaflex®-271 system equips you with a toolbox for cost-efficient use out of bulk packaging as well as flexible use for smaller production volumes, as a backup or repair system.