For centuries fibers of various types have been utilized in concrete to help improve the effects of plastic shrinkage and as secondary reinforcement. Today the use of synthetic and steel fibers is widely accepted and can provide a number of benefits including:

  • Reduces the formation of plastic shrinkage cracking in concrete.
  • Provides multi-dimensional reinforcement.
  • Improves impact, shatter and abrasion resistance of concrete.
  • Enhances durability and toughness of concrete.
  • Reduces bleeding
Sika - Now Reinforced with FRC Industries

Sika is excited to announce the acquisition of the fastest growing concrete fiber producer in the United States: FRC Industries, Inc of Tuscloosa, Alabama. FRC Industries, established in 2001, is a family owned company with a trusted name operating in the Eastern half of the United States. FRC produces a full line of high quality synthetic polypropylene fibers for concrete.

Concrete Reinforcing Fibers, Micro Fibers
Micro Fibers

SikaFiber is a brand of Micro Fibers for use in concrete and shotcrete as secondary reinforcement and for the purpose of controlling plastic shrinkage and settlement cracking.

Concrete Reinforcing Fibers, Macro Fibers
Macro Fibers

SikaFiber Force macro-synthetic fibers can be used in a variety of ready mix, precast, and shotcrete applications imparting enhanced residual tensile strength, ductility and durability to the concrete system by limiting and controlling plastic and drying shrinkage cracking and offering full or partial replacement of conventional steel reinforcement in most applications.

Concrete Reinforcing Fibers, Fiber Blends & Steel Fibers
Fiber Blends & Steel Fibers

Sika Fiber Blends and Steel Fibers can be used in a variety of applications improving the mechanical properties of concrete and offering an alternative to welded wire fabric.