A New Level of Efficiency in Placing Composite Elevated Decks

There are a few unique challenges that come with building traditional reinforced composite metal decks; crane time, cutting and placing of welded wire fabric. Fortunately, macro (steel or synthetic) fiber reinforced concrete can be pumped directly from the ready mix truck, without taking up precious crane time, which is used when placing mesh. In addition, fiber reinforced concrete does not cause a tripping hazard that can occur with wire mesh. Fiber reinforced concrete is uniquely suited to meet these challenges of installing composite metal decks by improving safety, and reducing cost by replacing traditional reinforcement.

Ideal for these applications and others: Mezzanines, Shopping Centers, Office Buildings, Stadiums, Institutional/Educational Facilities, Elevated Walkways

Performance that rises above.
  • Uniform macro fiber distribution creates stronger, more durable concrete composites for unparalleled monolithic performance.
  • As the concrete hardens, the evenly distributed macro fibers provide mechanical bonding capacity, exceeding most performance specifications for enhancing concrete's flexural and shear strength, fatigue endurance, impact resistance, and ductility while providing drying shrinkage crack width control.
  • Consult the data sheet for fibers that carry UL or consult your SikaFiber® representative to determine the optimal solution to meet your composite metal deck design.