Sika® Fibermesh®-650

Macro-Synthetic Fiber

Sika® Fibermesh®-650 is a graded macro synthetic reinforcing fiber complying with ASTM C 1116, Type III. Sika® Fibermesh®-650 is 100% virgin copolymer fiber designed to provide a uniform three dimensional reinforcement system in the concrete mix.  Specifically engineered and manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility. Sika® Fibermesh®-650 previously Fibermesh 650 or SikaFiber Force 650.

  • Uniquely graded fiber design to minimize voids in the concrete matrix.
  • Cost-effective, three-dimensional reinforcement alternative to secondary wire mesh or rebar, and steel fibers.
  • Can be utilized to reduce rebar or wire mesh.
  • Increased safety on job site; remove lifting of reinforcement, bending to tie, and tripping hazard.
  • Reduction in construction time. No cutting, placing, tying, and chairing required
  • Reducing embodied carbon through the replacement of convention steel reinforcement with synthetic structural fibers.
  • Increase ductility, flexural toughness and post first crack reinforement of concrete.
  • Increased durability due to high chemical resistance and corrosion free.
  • Inhibits plastic shrinkage and settlement cracking.
  • Improves impact, shatter, and abrasion resistance of concrete.
  • Reduces permeability.
  • Pumpable reinforcement with reduced wear on pumps and hoses.
  • Toss in degradable bags make it easy to batch.