Shotcrete is Process that Relies on the Products.

Shotcrete is unique not just in technique, but in application, too. It makes sense that the experts at SikaFiber® would offer third party, fully tested and proven solutions to meet the specific needs of shotcrete projects. These solutions, including SikaFiber® Force® macro synthetic fibers, Sika® Fibermesh® macro & micro synthetic fibers, and SikaFiber® Novocon® steel fibers, bring safety and ease-of-use benefits that traditional reinforcement options just can't match.

Trusted in critical Applications: Structural Rehabilitation, Lining large underground cavities, Slope Stabilization, Aqueduct Rehabilitation, Channel Linings, Ground Support and Stabilization, Mining, Marine Structure Repair and Rehabilitation, Tanks, Seismic Retrofits, Protection Against Fire Spalling, Retaining Walls and Soil Nailing.

Shotcrete with Sigunit accelerator to strengthen underground structures of mine
Shotcrete application inside of tunnel
Designed to protect.
  • Sika® Fibermesh®, SikaFiber®, and SikaFiber® Novocon® concrete macro fibers are designed to improve the flexural toughness, ductility, and energy absorption of the shotcrete.
  • Provides superior crack control.
  • Offers three-dimensional homogenous pumpable reinforcement, which is always positioned properly.
  • Fiber reinforced shotcrete can be applied quickly since the reinforcement is premixed into the sprayed concrete and does not need to be cut, and fastened to the exposed earth surface, as is the case for traditional reinforcement.
  • Fiber reinforced shotcrete is a safer solution since work can take place away from the unprotected earth surface.
  • Uniform fiber reinforced shotcrete thickness and reduced rebound results in significant reduction of shotcrete consumption.
  • Fiber reinforced shotcrete yields a strong bond to the earth surface, which is required to make a system self-supporting.
  • Technical support is available to provide solutions.
  • Products are tested and proven in independent labs.
  • Fiber reinforced shotcrete is discontinuous reinforcing, therefore the system will not rust. 
The reinforcing network.

Unlike traditional reinforced shotcrete, SikaFiber® reinforced concrete is distributed three-dimensionally throughout the shotcrete mix and is always positioned properly.

Traditional reinforced shotcrete can develop voids behind the welded wire mesh, which can lead to water migration behind the shotcrete, eventual rusting of the traditional reinforcing, and spalling of the shotcrete. Fiber-reinforced dry or wet shotcrete develops a uniform bond to the rock without the hazard of working directly in front of an exposed surface.

Designed to improve the shotcrete process.
  • Improves pumpability
  • Reduces sloughing
  • Reduces rebound
  • Allows quicker buildup
  • Improves nozzleman's efficiency