Sika® Fibermesh-650 S

Macro-Synthetic Fibers

Sika® Fibermesh-650 S is an engineered graded macro-synthetic fiber featuring e3 patented technology, manufactured to an optimum gradation and  oriented to allow greater surface area contact within the concrete, resulting in increased interfacial bonding and flexural toughness. Sika® Fibermesh-650 S is specifically engineered and manufactured in an ISO9001 certified facility for use as concrete reinforcement. Sika® Fibermesh-650 S was formerly called Fibermesh 650S and SikaFiber Force 650S. e3 Technology A well graded aggregate will enhance concrete, Sika® Fibermesh-650 S with e3 technology is a blend of graded fibers designed to enhance the distribution and performance of fiber reinforcement. 

  • Graded macro-synthetic fiber for concrete reinforcement
  • Greater surface area provides increased flexural toughness (residual strength) equivalent to steel.
  • Increases concrete durability
  • Inhibits plastic shrinkage and settlement cracking
  • Pumpable reinforcement with reduced wear on pumps and hoses
  • Simplified logistics
  • Economical alternative system to steel mesh and/or steel fibers
  • Rustproof
  • Alkali proof
  • Always positioned in compliance with codes
  • Safer and easier to use than traditional reinforcement
  • Reducing embodied carbon through the replacement of convention steel reinforcement with synthetic structural fibers.