Lyndhurst, NJ

Sika's Sustainability Commitment

As a global company, Sika is committed to sustainable development through continuously measuring, improving, reporting and communicating sustainable value creation. 

With this in mind, Sika is taking steps to provide our customers with the information and supporting documents to capture our product contributions to sustainable construction. More value, less impact” refers to Sika’s commitment to maximize the value of our solutions and contributions to all stakeholders while reducing risks and resource consumption.

Through our partnership with GreenCircle Certified, LLC, Sika’s admixtures for concrete, as well as many of our other product categories, now offer credit options for LEEDv4.1 Material and Resources Credit: Building Disclosure and Optimization - Material Ingredients, Option 1. 

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Sika Admixtures for Concrete - Contributions to LEEDv4.1

Sika’s admixtures for concrete offer credit options for the Material and Resources category of LEEDv4.1 including Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and Material Ingredient Reporting-Manufacturer Inventories. Please click on the following links to learn more about these credits and our respective admixtures that contribute to each credit.