Sikagard®-701 W

Solvent-free, siloxane emulsion concentrate

Sikagard®-701 W is a solvent-free concentrate of silane modified siloxane emulsion. It must be diluted and the diluted liquid solution forms a water and chloride-ion repellent impregnation specifically formulated to seal absorbent cementitious surfaces and other masonry substrates.

Sikagard®-701 W is both an economical and simple-to-use sealer. Because of its unique ability to decrease water and chloride intrusion, Sikagard®-701 W helps reduce the danger of rebar corrosion.     Sikagard®-701 W:
  • Meets the standards of acceptability for concrete sealers established in NCHRP Report #244.
  • Enhances concrete integrity.
  • Reduces efflorescence.
  • Improves resistance to frost and de-icing salts (chloride ion).
  • Reduces dirt penetration.
  • Does not act as a vapor barrier.
  • May be applied to alkaline substrates.
  • Will not degrade under UV exposure.