Sika USA worked closely with our corporate headquarters in Switzerland to develop an internal and external online learning platform that can benefit onboarding employees as well as help our customers gain a better understanding of the products and solutions Sika has to offer.

The original intention of the training was to create a platform where customers and employees can rely on to gain the latest industry and Sika product knowledge. However, with more emphasis on online learning, this turned into much more, and Sika began to see the usage of the platform go up by the hundreds every week. This opened the door to the opportunity of a new way sales representatives can share more information with a link to a course about our new and exciting products virtually. This will ultimately reduce the carbon footprint on the amount of travel formerly needed to introduce our new, innovative products and should help our customers have access to what Sika has to offer more readily at their fingertips.

Sika is proud and excited to share this new system with our customers. Click HERE to check out the Sika Knowledge Center now!

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