Ignoring Corrosion is NOT an Option because cost of corrosion grows over time:

  • 3% of GDP each year attributed to corrosion
  • 27.5% of US bridges are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete
  • Condition of infrastructure rated a D+ by ASCE
Total Corrosion Management
Time/ Cost Model

Start with the condition survey

A thorough condition survey is critical to ensure a successful repair & protection project. This testing should always be conducted by a qualified professional. Surveys generally consist of performing any number of the following tests:

  • Spall and delamination survey
  • Chloride and carbonation testing
  • Reinforcement mapping and cover measurements
  • Half-cell potential contour mapping
  • Corrosion rate assessment

The results of these tests should be the basis for selecting a repair and protection strategy that will meet the project requirements.

Sika Full System Repair and Protection

Sika is the global leader in concrete repair and protection, corrosion inhibition
and structural strengthening systems. Sika can bring together these combined resources for you to support your complete project requirements for corrosion management.All are supported by the most highly trained and experienced sales and technical support network in the industry. Product options include:

Galvanic Protection
Surface Applied Corrosion Inhibitor
Surface Applied Corrosion Inhibitor
Product Best Use Target
Sika FerroGard901 New Construction and admixture to any repair mortar Protect anodes and cathodes throughout the structure or “ring anode” and added protection in repairs
Sika CNI New Construction Protect anodes throughout the structure
Sika FerroGard 903 Low to medium chlorides, carbonation, early maintenance, ring-anode treatment, reduce moderate existing corrosion Protect anodes and cathodes throughout the structure, reduce active corrosion
Sikagard Coatings Preventative on existing structures. Supplement to Sika FerroGard 903 and Sika Galvashield Prevent ingress of chlorides, carbonation and water