The Shanna & Bryan Glazer Jewish Community Center in Tampa, Florida showcases the transformative power of Sika Corporation's high-quality flooring system solutions.

Originally serving as the historic Fort Homer Hesterly Armory dating back to the 1930s, this vacant space was reborn into a futuristic, 100,000 square foot campus. For the renovation of a 10,000 square foot area comprised of basketball courts and other athletic facilities (a project spotlighted in ProInstaller Magazine), a total of seven Sika products were utilized as one comprehensive, secure system!

The flooring installation experts at Quality Carpet + Flooring, a two-generation family-owned and operated team originating in the area, spearheaded the project. They’re passionate about finding the right products and getting the job done right from the subfloor up, which is why a packaged flooring system sourced entirely by Sika was the ideal choice. This home-grown team seeks to deliver the highest value and aesthetic taste to the end-user without cutting any corners. To achieve this, turning to their long-time friends at Sika was a no-brainer.

In renovating an old building with years of moisture-related concerns, Quality Carpet + Flooring opted for a comprehensive, sustainable and fully warranted system installation. This included moisture barriers, primers, self-leveling underlayments, and a premium-grade pressure sensitive adhesive, all from Sika’s product portfolio, to bond the vinyl floor covering and add the greatest level of moisture resistance. What was once an abandoned military armory was made into a warm, inviting space from the floor up via an affordable system package and a relationship built on trust.

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