When specifying product for a green installation, there’s so much more to consider than the flooring itself. For products that need to be adhered to the subfloor, choosing a green adhesive is key.

Many people choose hardwood flooring for its green attributes, so choosing a green adhesive to complement the product is a no-brainer. A prime candidate is SikaBond®-T100, which has been nominated for Floor Covering Weekly’s 2023 GreenStep Product Awards! This program recognizes initiatives in sustainability, for which this all-in-one hybrid polyurethane wood flooring adhesive is a perfect fit.

It contains zero VOCs, solvents or isocyanates and helps contribute to LEED credits, while offering unlimited moisture protection, crack bridging and sound reduction for full surface wood floor bonding. SikaBond®-T100 may be used for both solid and engineered wood flooring and can easily be cleaned from prefinished floors before and after cure. In addition to being independently tested and certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label Plus Program for Indoor Air Quality, it was awarded the Best of TISE Innovation Award for Sustainability and Disruption at this year’s Surfaces show!

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