Sikafloor®-24 NA PurCem® FS

Advanced Generation, FAST SET,  Self Leveling, Thin Layer Polyurethane/Cement Screed for General Industrial and Commercial Use

Sikafloor®-24 NA PurCem® FS is a state of the art, phthalate-free, water dispersed polyurethane based /cement and  aggregate screed, applicable at thicknesses ranging from 80 to 160 mils (2 to 4 mm). It is designed to be installed as a self leveling floor or topping that provides an easy-to-clean, smooth surface with slip resistance values and is typically used for general, industrial  applications . Sikafloor®-24 NA PurCem® FS represents superior polyurethane/cement technology, combining easier application, resistance to blistering and improved performance.

  • Can be applied on green concrete (typically 7 -10 days) after preparation (see surface prep section) and where substrate has tensile bond strength in excess of 218 psi (1.5 MPa).
  • Can be applied over partially cured concrete substrates full 28 days cure time is not necessary.
  • Easy installation requiring less labor to install than traditional Sikafloor® PurCem® trowel and heavy duty slurry grade materials
  • Can be applied to concrete substrates where <100% relative humidity is measured as per ASTM F2170.
  • Wide range of application temperatures Minimum/Maximum 37˚/85˚F (3˚/30˚C)
  • Resists a very wide range of organic and inorganic acids, alkalis, amines, salts and solvents. Consult Sika Technical Service for full details. Refer to the Sikafloor PurCem Chemical Resistance Chart.
  • Good abrasion resistance, providing cost effective and durable floor topping.
  • Similar coefficient of thermal expansion to concrete allowing movement with the substrate through normal thermal cycling.
  • Performs and retains its physical characteristics through a wide, wet or dry temperature range from 41°F (5°C) at 2.0 mm and 14°F (-10°C ) at 4.0 mm up to 248°F (120°C).
  • Superior formulation eliminates formation of blisters, such as those arising out of application during elevated temperatures or early and multiple layer applications.
  • Non-tainting, odorless and phthalate-free, avoiding associated toxicity to health and environmental hazards.
  • Bond strength in excess of the tensile strength of concrete, concrete will fail first.
  • Compatible with a wide range of Sikafloor epoxy or polyurethane resin sealers, enabling UV- stable sealers to be applied where required. Consult Sika Technical department for full details.
  • Minimal maintenance costs, superior life cycle cost advantage versus tile.
  • Extra  expansion  joints  are  not  necessary; maintain  and  extend  existing expansion joints up through the Sikafloor PurCem Flooring System.
  • Behaves plastically under impact / deforms but will not crack or debond.
  • Achieves highest performance ratings according to ASTM G21 resistance to fungi and ASTM