Sika is committed to engineering solutions that address sustainability challenges with the lowest impact on resources. Creating and increasing value while reducing impact – that is the goal. Our strategy fully integrates sustainability into all our business processes, and we strive to create value for our customers and partners.

Green building Initiatives, such as LEED v4.1, assess the sustainable performance of building materials, while GreenCircle verifies the sustainable performance of those materials. Such initiatives are of growing importance and are consequently influencing the market demand for construction products. Sika is actively participating in these initiatives and programs.



Sika’s Flooring and wall products help contribute to achieving LEED Credits in that they are low emitting materials and also provide Material Credit. A list of Sika floor and wall products that have been tested by Berkely Laboratories and their test results can be found here.

Environmental Product Declarations

Sika has also completed Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for our resinous flooring and wall coatings product portfolio. EPDs provide transparent and verified information about the environmental impact of our products, empowering our clients to make informed decisions aligned with their sustainability goals. Sika Floor and Wall EPDs can be viewed here.



A third-party audit by GreenCircle Certified, LLC verifies Sika’s product and chemical management system, including a review of the completeness and accuracy of the hazard classification, assessment and communication within the provisions of North American countries’ regulatory requirements. A certificate library of Sika floor and wall products can be found here.


More detailed information on how Sika solutions support sustainable construction, reduce CO2 emissions and help save energy, raw materials and water while meeting sustainable building standards can be found on our main Sika website.