Sikafloor's line up of deep penetrating concrete densifiers and protective sealers provide a cost-effective route to a longer life for ground and polished floors in industrial, institutional and other commercial settings. Sikafloor densifiers and sealers are water stain resistant giving your concrete surfaces a well maintained, clean appearance. 

Sikafloor — Densifiers

Sikafloor lithium and sodium silicate densifiers use a low, odor, non-yellowing formulation that imparts a breathable, non-film forming surface treatment to increase concrete surface harness and facilitate superior polishing. They penetrate deeply into concrete pores to improve stain and scratch resistance while remaining a light stable and weather protective treatment. Sikafloor densifiers have optimal solid content and are VOC free with a very low odor that complies with indoor air quality mandates and regulations. 

Product Densifier Type Description
Sikafloor-956 LD                                                    Lithium Densifier A high-quality, VOC free lithium silicate concrete densifier capable of providing longer life and higher gloss for architectural ground and polished concrete surfaces. 
Sikafloor-957 SSD Sodium Silicate Densifier Sodium silicate is an economical chemically reactive treatment designed to harden the surface and increase the durability and life span of uncolored, non-architectural concrete floors and hardscapes. 
The inside of a starbucks cafe

Sikafloor — Sealers

Sikafloor polymeric and lithium silicate sealers impart water and stain-resistant finishes that guard and protect smooth ground and polished concrete floors. Sikafloor sealers dry fast with excellent clarity for expeditious job completion and superior finishes. Sikafloor sealers extend the nominal service life of concrete floors, reduce maintenance and add protective aesthetics to floors by improving chemical resistance and reducing water permeability while remaining breathable. 

Product Sealer Type Description
Sikafloor-958 PG                                                    Polymeric Sealer A low VOC sealer that uses a unique organo-silicate composition to densify and protect floors after polishing. 
Sikafloor-959 SC Lithium Silicate Sealer A VOC free sealer that improves abrasion and scratch resistance. It will not yellow, crack, or delaminate from surfaces. 
People sitting in a lobby of a cafe, a drink bar can be seen on the left side.
In addition to our quality densifiers and sealers Sika produces a wide range of epoxy and urethane flooring systems for use in:

A laborarty with chemical equipment on the tables.


Municipal Primary School Ket, Belgium


Sika ComfortFloor® grey floor at Medicus Medical Center in Wroclaw, Poland

Offices &

Inside a brewerie, with a machine hoisting up kegs. Stacks of kegs can be seen on the side.

Food & Beverage 

The inside of a kitchen with equipment and tables, a PurCem floor is being shown on the ground.


Inside a rehab facility, excersize equipment can be seen, and the floor has a track built into it.


in the warehouse


The entrance to a basketball court

Arenas &

Medical room with a medical personal walking through a door.