Superior Garage Floor Surfaces

Sikafloor and Premier Garage

Sika’s high-performance garage floor systems satisfy a wide range of applications, environments, and economies. These systems have been valued and trusted to deliver outstanding performance, reliability and aesthetic enhancement. Our low VOC resinous coatings produce a rugged, long-lasting and seamless surface with excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals, impacts, mechanical wear, and UV exposure.

Premier Garage

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Experience the ultimate garage from Premier Garage. Using Sika Flooring systems your garage will be stylish and as functional as the rest of your home. Customizing your garage floors adds a beautiful finish like no other. The easy-to-clean floor can help prevent harmful particles that are commonly found in unsealed concrete, easier to care for than concrete and ideal for a busy floor! Get your garage floor project started today by getting in touch with Premier Garage. 


Start to Finish: Step by Step Application Videos: 

The videos below showcase a Sikafloor Garage System being installed from start to finish with different steps to help you master the application. If you have any questions about installing a Sikafloor contact your local representative. 

Surface Prep and Repair

Grinding, prepping, and repairing the floor


Spreading and back rolling the Sikafloor primer

Cove Base

Steps on installing a cove base

Flake to Finish

Base coat, flake, and top coat