Sika Flooring, working with a panel of industry experts, has selected the winners for its 2023 Sikafloor Projects of the Year. Since 2015, TM Flooring has been honoring the best of the best in the flooring industry and honoring them for their devotion to quality, craftsmanship, and innovative solutions. The 2023 Sikafloor Project of the Year winners are:

PDI showroom photo, applying product to floor

Project: PDI Showroom
Contractor:  Extreme IFC - Cumming, GA

The customer looking for a floor system that could address the concrete slab imperfections and provide a durable, aesthetically pleasing solution. The designer emphasized the importance of the floor being attractive but avoid diverting attention from their displayed products. Sikafloor DecoDur Metallic proved the perfect balance: carefully tailored to avoid distraction, captivating yet complementing to the overall space, durable and easily maintained.

ACO Incorporated Industiral Floor
Industrial Flooring

Project: Coca-Cola Beverages FL
Contractor: National Engineering and Repairing - Gibsonton, FL

Coca-Cola Beverages FL had been experiencing moisture vapor issues in their slab since they occupied the building in 2016. It was so severe that it was causing operational and safety issues. Significant testing including core samples, relative humidity,  and moisture readings were taken and it was determined that Sika Ucrete, a cementitious, a self-leveling polyurethane slurry was the ideal solution. Since completion, the facility has had no recorded accidents.

red/orange flooring, emmi roth

Food and Beverage Flooring

Project: Emmi Roth
Contractor: Crane Engineering - Kimberly, WI

Food processing facilities face some of the harshest conditions that flooring can experience. It was no different at the Emmi Roth Plant. Crane Engineering installed of 36,0000 square feet of Sika Ucrete, a cementitious, self-leveling polyurethane slurry, to deliver a durable flooring solution that maintains strict hygiene levels required in the food industry.

Purdue Vet Clinic Flooring
Life Sciences Flooring

Project: Hikma Pharmaceutical
Contractor: Hardig Industrial Flooring - Cleves, OH

Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities contain environments where hygiene and durability are primary considerations. The craftsmen at Hardig recommended a seamless Sikafloor DecoDur Flake system to provide the highest level of sanitation and cleanliness in a long-lasting, aesthetic floor system. 

ComfortFloor system
education facility flooring

Project: Purdue University
Contractor: DESCO Floor Systems - Fortville, IN

The requirements for a flooring system in a veterinary facility that care for large animals, such as horses, are well beyond those of a standard clinic. DESCO Flooring Systems installed a Sika PurCem base system for strength and then overlaid a ComfortFloor system for ergonomics, aesthetics and easy maintenance.

The Met Flooring, Areana Flooring Award

Project: The Met                                                          Contractor: GA Flooring Company - Highland Park, NJ

GA Flooring Company undertook the difficult task of installing a new Sikafloor MultiDur SL system, trowel applied epoxy, to this prestigious and historic venue. This Sikafloor system has rich aesthetics but can stand up the heavy foot and carting traffic. 

DecoDur MerFlex and PurCem floor systems installed at hospital

Project: Camp Sunshine
Contractor: Saulnier Epoxy Floors - Peabody, MA

Camp Sunshine is a special place where seriously ill children and their families can take a break from intensive medical treatment and hospitals and just relax. The camp needed a facelift and Saulnier Epoxy Floors came to the rescue with a stunning Sikafloor DecoDur Flake floor system to create a comfortable cozy retreat.

Swift prepared foods flooring


Project: Swift Prepared Foods                                          Contractor: US Floors

Built on a greenfield site in Columbia, MO., the 315,000-sq-ft Swift Prepared Foods facility produces a variety of dried meats for ready-to-eat packaging and shipping. US Flooring addressed the unique needs in disparate areas of the plant and installed Sikafloor DecoDur Flake, Sika Ucrete, and Sikafloor ESD floor systems.

Previous Project of the Year Winners

ComfortFloor system
Decorative Flooring

Project: American Dream Wheel                                                      Contractor: GA Flooring Company - Highland Park, NJ

Rising 300 feet over the New Jersey skyline, the American Dream Wheel provides stunning views of nearby New York City and the surrounding area. GA Flooring Company combine expert craftsmanship with custom Sikafloor colors to produce of the most visually impactful floors found anywhere. 

ACO Incorporated Industiral Floor

Industrial Flooring

Project: ACO, Incorporated                                                          Contractor: Global Facility Solutions - Phoenix, AZ

ACO's new drain manufacturing facility in Phoenix required a flooring system that could stand up to heavy impact, wheeled traffic, and caustic electropolishing chemicals. Sika PurCem urethane mortar flooring system is more than up to the task and looks great doing it. 

Purdue Vet Clinic Flooring

Life Sciences Flooring

Project: Purdue University Large Animal Vet Clinic                Contractor: DESCO Floor Systems - Fortville, IN

The requirements for a flooring system in a veterinary facility that care for large animals, such as horses, are well beyond those of a standard clinic. DESCO Flooring Systems installed a SIka PurCem base system for strength and then overlaid a ComfortFloor System for ergonomics, aesthetics, and easy maintenance. 

ComfortFloor system

ComfortFloor Project

Project: Spaces Houston                                                      Contractor: Maintenance Solutions - Houston, TX

This installation is a far cry from what one would expect in a shared work space environment. Sika ComfortFloor ergonomic floor system brings style and decor to the office with a surface that is sound dampening, easy to maintain, and soft underfoot but is durable and long lasting. 

DecoDur MerFlex and PurCem floor systems installed at hospital

Judge's Choice Flooring Winner

Project: Penn FIrst Pavilion Hospital                                Contractor: MJ Bradley Company - Aston, PA 

The team at MJ Bradley relied on Sika's wide range of flooring systems to address the unique requirements of numerous areas in the hospital - ER, staff lounges, morgue, kitchens, and mechanical rooms. Sika DecoDur, Merflex, and PurCem floor systems were the perfect match for the job. 


Project: Fresenius - Kabi
Contractor: The Krez Group

The Fresenius - Kabi was a time-sensitive job, they needed to adhere to a critical schedule for the job completion, this called for an innovative Sikafloor system. With over 200,000 sq. ft. of Decoflake UEF and an Sikafloor 315 N top coat, the time-sensitive job was on schedule. While the project faced substantial substrate problems, The Krez Group was one step ahead, and with the use of Sikafloor, completed to project ahead of schedule. 


Project: FEMA Noble Kitchen
Contactor: Extreme IFC, LLC

Extreme IFC, LLC knew they had a tough job when they accepted a project that was repeatedly rejected by contractors as unrepairable.  But, they were up for the challenge and knew they could knock it out of the park. The FEMA Noble kitchen consisted of 5,500 sq. ft. of Sika Quick, Sikafloor PurCem 22 NA with a 6" cove and a Sikafloor PurCem 31 NA top coat. With the job complete, and breath of relief, both facility owner and General Contractor were extremely pleased with the final results. 


Project: Eleva Strum School
Contractor: Crane Engineering

At the Eleva Strum High School, a big problem arose, asbestos was discovered under the floor. This would be no easy task, but Crane Engineering was up for the task. To remove the asbestos, they sealed the floor with SF 1610 as contaminant/vapor mediation. Crane Engineering then used 40,000 sq. ft. of DecoFlake and Quartzite with SF 315 top coat. The problem had been resolved, and the school loves the new low maintenance, durable, and stain resistance floor they received. 


Project: Minot Air Force Base
Contractor: Finn-Wall Specialties

The Minot Air Force Base was looking to replace their old existing floors, they required everything to be neat, clean, and uniform. Finn-Wall Specialties used 14,000 sq. ft. of Morritex slurry which they installed over VCT, then overlaid with a decoflake system and Sikafloor 511 top coat. Their installation was precise with excellent craftsmanship, maintaining those crisp lines in the installation. The Minot Air Force Base was impressed with their success in their requirements and approved Finn-Wall for further projects. 


Project: Takedown Athletic Club
Contractor: Robbins Inc. / Anderson Ladd H21 Group

The Takedown Athletics Club was in the market for a highly versatile floor to fit their sporting requirements.  They needed a floor that could support artificial turf surfaces for soccer and lacrosse, while also still being able to support traditional court sports like basketball and volleyball as well as meeting more resilient flooring requirements for gymnastics. The solution was 28,000 sq. ft of pulastic pro165 comfort to create just the floor they were looking for. 


Project: Frankford Township Fire Department
Contractor: Engine Bay Floors

Engine Bay Floors worked with The Frankford Township Fire Department for a large and versatile, 12,000 sq. ft job from front to the back of the house. This included 6 engine bays, personnel quarters, rest/shower rooms, and the administrative office. Engine Bay Floors knew just the systems to get the job done, they used a varying number of methods, such as Sikafloor Epo-Rok, Metallic FX, and our Quarzite systems to create exactly what the Fire Department wanted.

Orion animal hospital decoflake

Project: Orion Animal Hospital - Lake Orion, MI 
Contractor: Benning's Industrial Floor

Orion Animal Hospital had many important requirements for their new flooring system; Aesthetics, high durability, slip resistance and seamless hygienic application. The project consisted of Sikafloor 264, DecoFlake and Sikafloor 540 with a hand troweled 4" epoxy cove throughout the facility. Overall the project was designed by owners with technical consultation from the contractor, Benning's Industrial Floor. With excellent quality of workmanship, knowledgeable use of materials and high level of owner satisfaction.

Wave Life Science Pharmaceutical Floors

Project: Wave Life Sciences - Lexington, MA
Contactor: Wells Restoration Services 

Wave Life Sciences worked with Wells Restoration Services to get the floor completed in a timely and efficient manner. The research lab consisted of 5,000 sq. ft. of Sikafloor 160, patching and priming existing floor and using a second coat of broadcast with medium aggregate. Sikafloor 700 was used as a pigmented ground coat and top coat. Facility owners required physical samples for resistance testing along with a field mock up for color testing and slip resistance. Everyone involved was impressed with the quick turnaround and very pleased with the outcome. 

Fifth One Arena DecoFlake Floors

Project: University of Cincinnati - Cincinnati, OH
Contractor: Hardig Industrial Services

At the University of Cincinnati the floor that Hardig Industrial Services accomplished creates a statement floor by using their school colors with our customizable flooring systems. The project consisted of 150,000 sq. ft. of PurCem, DecoFlake and Sikafloor 510. Using SikaLevel 125 to achieve FF50 flatness under the basketball floor. With a great finish like this, there are always some obstacles. They averaged around 190 tradesmen on the site at all times and worked around evolving design changes due to site conditions, turning it into a stunning finish.  

Fisher Island DecoFlake Floors

Project: Fisher Island - Miami Beach, FL
Contractor: Premier Coatings

The project at Fisher Island consisted of 54,000 sq. ft. of Sikafloor 1610, DecoFlake and Sikafloor 315 installed in parking structures located around high end condominium complex. Premier Coatings had to deal with an unusually high water table and moisture issues to finish with such staggering results. The facility owners highly praised Premier for their professionalism of floor selection process, knowledge of environmental conditions and long term effects and high aesthetics of the finished project. 

Porsche Center Decoflake Floors

Project: Porsche Design Tower - Miami Beach, FL 
Contractor: Desco Floor Systems

The Porsche Design Tower located in Miami Beach, Florida recently received an aesthetic upgrade. Desco Floor Systems, an Elite Sikafloor Installer, completed this project in a timely and glamorous fashion. The building is 60 stories high with 183 unit condo facilities. It took 4 days to install 24,000ft of Sikafloor DecoFlake in the parking garage and elevator. To rapidly complete this elegant look Desco custom built a line striping template! 

TVONE Industrial Floors

Project: TVONE - Cincinnati, OH
Contactor: Hardig Industrial Services

When TVOne decided to renovate their floors they knew Hardig Industrial Services and Sika Flooring was right for the job. Installing 12,000ft of conductive ESD flooring in a LCD manufacturing facility, they needed to stay on a tight 3 day installation schedule. Hardig delivered and the final resistances were perfect with no outstanding punch list items. 
Sikafloor ESD 

Foley Event Center

Project: Foley Event Center - Foley, AL 
Contractor: Covington Sports Flooring & Robbins Sports Flooring

Some great things take time and that is exactly what happened at the Foley Event Center. It took 3 years of educating, planning and coordination between contractor, architect and the owner. Covering 58,000ft of multi-use athletics, trade events and community events, Covington Sports Flooring, a division of Robbins Sports Flooring got right to the job! Using our Sika Pulastic Sports Floors and overcoming challenges of high moisture challenges with Sikafloor 1610, they created a work of art. With these brand new floors this won't only be a community center, but the center of the community. 

Hyland Homeopathic

Project: Hyland Homeopathic - Los Angeles, CA
Contractor: Oakridge Industries

Having clean and safe floors is important in a sterile environment. Hyland Homeopathic's decided to use our floor to wall systems and chose Oakridge Industries for the job. Installing 58,000ft of floor, wall and ceilings in production and clean rooms the key focus was on environmental impact, LEED and sustainability. Using Sikafloor Purcem, Sika ComfortFloor, Sikagard 215 and Sika Descoglas RF/RM, Oakridge Industries created a seamless finish. 


Project: Alamodome - San Antonio, TX 
Contractor: TW Hicks, Incorporated 

The brand new floors at the Alamodome bring the whole stadium together, giving it the "wow factor" they always wanted. After considering many different floor options the Alamodome dome decided to go with Sika flooring systems. TW Hicks, an Elite Sikafloor Installer, installed 136,000ft of Sikafloor PurCem and DecoFlake. Replacing polished concrete floors to improve the aesthetics and lighting throughout the building. The Alamodome is a 64,000 seat, multi-purpose arena for football, basketball, baseball, soccer and convention center. They will be hosting the 2018 Final Four of the NCAA Division 1 Men's Basketball Tournament this spring! Make sure to stop on by for the event and check out our floors at the Alamodome!

white river medical center

Project: White River Medical Center - Batesville, AR
Contractor: Quality One Painting

The demands of integrating new surfaces in a healthcare facility can be daunting. The floor and wall systems must promote a hygienic and sanitary environment that integrates with the facility's sterilization regimen. Quality One Painting met all of these requirements for the expansion White River Medical Center's expansion of their emergency and operating suites with the Sikafloor Decoflake Flooring System.
White River Medical had installed Decoflake systems elsewhere in the hospital and were so pleased with it that they insisted that Quality One install it in the expansion with an integrated wainscoting. The hospital has standardized on Sikafloor Decoflake and Qualilty One Painting for all future expansions.

Lone Star Dairy Products

Project: Lone Star Dairy Products - Amarillo, TX
Contractor: TW Hicks, Inc. 

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) represents the biggest change in food processing regulations in over thirty years. It is driving rapid change in the industry centered on improving sanitary conditions and design in food and beverage processing facilities. Lone Star Dairy Products embarked on an ambitious project to construct a thoroughly modern dairy processing facility. Sika's Food & Beverage Expert Team was brought in to advise the owners and designers on the proper selection of seamless floor and wall products for their unique environment.
TW Hicks, an Elite Level Sikafloor Installer, was brought in to manage a complex project that required them to integrate the floors, walls and ceilings to create a seamless, sanitary environment. Hicks installed Sikagard Wall Systems to the ceilings and walls and Sikafloor PurCem, a FSMA-compliant polyurethane system to the floors. The result is a hygienic facility that meets FSMA requirements with stunning aesthetics.

Millersville University Floors

Project: Millersville Unversity Student Union - Millersville, PA 
Contractor: Robbins, Inc.

Imagine a multi-purpose facility, operating 24/7 that must host everything from basketball and badminton to graduation commencements. What surface could possibly meet these varied demands? Sika Sport Flooring, of course. When the current floor began failing after a mere five years, Millersville University called on Robbins, Inc. and Abacus Sports to provide a flooring system that could provide ultra-durability and decor for the mixed use facility.
After removing 90,000 pounds of steel plates from the previous system, Robbins and Abacus installed 22,000 sq. ft. of premium Sika Sports Flooring that met the university's high standards of toughness and aesthetics.

crayola experience orlando florida

Project: The Crayola Experience - Orlando, FL
Contractor: Ardor Solutions

The Crayola Experience was going into an existing retail space, and when the demolition was done and the floor was reinforced they found the concrete floor had many cracks and was in very poor shape. Tommy Clay, owner and general manager at Ardor Solutions said, “We had planned to do a concrete stain but the floor required way too much work.
Not only would repairing and staining the concrete be cost-prohibitive, but it also wouldn’t provide the vividness of the colors Crayola wanted.” Fortunately, Clay knew of a product that he thought would be “a perfect match:” ComfortFloor from Sika Industrial Flooring. ComfortFloor is a seamless, fluid-applied urethane floor system which provides both comfort and toughness by combining softness under foot and durability. It also is available in custom colors.

Detriot Reman Lobby Metallic Floors


Project: Detroit Reman - Hibbings, MN 
Contractor: Duluth Coatings Solutions

As a leading manufacturer and remanufacturer of high-quality electronics products, Detroit Reman - DMR Electronics has no doubt learned it pays to be selective. So when two decorative floors in their recently expanded facility in Hibbing, Minnesota facility didn’t live up to their expectations, they knew better than to settle. Instead, they went to the company they trusted for a better solution: Sika Flooring.

“We installed a 30,000-square foot Sikafloor ElectroStatic Dissipative Control floor in the electronics facility, and Detroit Reman - DMR Electronics liked that floor so much they wanted to know what Sika options there were for the manufacturing floor,” remarked Aaron Strom, operations manager at Duluth Coating Solutions. “After we installed a Sikafloor Morritex epoxy system on the manufacturing floor they wanted to see what else we could do,” he added. “It really wasn’t a surprise when they asked us to suggest something to replace their decorative floors.”

Duke Medicine and Healthcare

Project: Duke Medicine Health & Fitness Center - Durham, NC
Contractor: Robbins, Inc. & Foster Specialty Floor

The project at Duke Medicine was intricate using a combination of sports and traditional flooring to accommodate a very demanding and high profile customer in Duke University. Duke’s concept was to utilize the entire space for a multitude of activities with a track portion running around the perimeter of the facility maximizing all activity areas.

Throughout the floor site there were transitions around columns as well as electrical boxes set in the floor. From the sports areas to the traditional flooring special attention was given to a smooth and virtually invisible transition between the two diverse flooring choices. Robbins, Inc. with Foster Specialty floors met and exceeded Duke’s expectations with a truly stunning installation of Sika Sports Flooring products.

PPL Center with Sika Decoflake Floors

Project: PPL Center Arena - Allentown, PA
Contractor: The Bazella Group

The PPL Center was nominated by Pollstar Magazine as Best New Major Concert Venue after it opened in September, 2014. Yet, less than one year after it opened, it was closed for a week so repairs could be made to the polished concrete floor. “The slab on the deck had cracked, and the finish of the floor was not up to PPL Center’s standards,” stated Mike Thomas, estimator/project manager at Bazella Group of Whitehall, Pennsylvania. In addition to being cracked, the polished concrete floor had pits and looked unfinished in some places.  

Since appearance and durability were the key criteria the PPL Center wanted in the replacement floor, Thomas knew just the product to ice the deal:  Sikafloor DecoFlake System. DecoFlake is an aesthetic, easy-to-clean, seamless floor consisting of a clear epoxy binder, broadcast with multicolor vinyl chips and sealed with transparent or UV stable topcoats.  “In the end PPL Center selected a floor with orange, black, grey and white flakes – which mimic the home team colors of the Lehigh Valley Phantoms.”