The sanitary flooring experts at Sika have engineered new flooring and wall coating systems specifically for cleanroom environments. Whether your focus is pharmaceutical, electronic,  or EV battery manufacturing, Sika has a floor and wall system that is perfect for your unique environment. These systems require an ultra-sanitary workplace, which Sika systems meet with very low VOC, particle emissions, and high-level aesthetics.


Sika is the choice for cleanroom production and research facilities because we thrive balancing cleanliness with the durability to stand up to harsh chemicals and severe cleaning regimens. Sika is the only manufacturer that offers a complete floor/wall/ceiling system to provide a 100% seamless environement.

Pharmaceutical Production

Pharmaceutical production and cleanroom facilities have unique floor and wall needs that are regulated for physical properties inlcuding slip, chemical, and impact resistances. Sika has engineered a line of pharmaceutical flooring systems specifically designed to address the needs that are common to these facilities.

A scientist in sterile coverall gown using air shower to remove particle contamination  before going to work area, cleanroom
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Electronic Manufacturing

Protect your work environment against impacts, moisture, and electrostatic discharge with Sikafoor® Systems. Sikafloor Electrostatic Control Flooring systems provide effective personnel grounding and meets or exceeds the requirements of ANSI S20.20 for electronics applications, DOD facilities, and NFPA requirements for flammable liquids, powders, and gasses.

Man walking on a electrostatic control floor and cleanliness control suit with ESD symbol on the foot,  A yellow tape with text: "ESD Protected Area" to be careful when entering the ESD area.
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EV Battery Production

Sikafloor Systems thrive in demanding environments, such as EV battery manufacturing. SIkafloor products are engineered to satisfy the unique requirements of every facility, such as ESD dissipative and conductive systems, ASTM D13.08 compliance for NMP resistance and waterproof floor systems. Sikafloor systems actively protect your products, your property, and your people.

Selective focus hands in gloves of expert technicain electric car, EV car while opened A used Lithium-ion car battery before its repair
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