Sikagard® 215

High Solids Reinforced/Resinous Wall and Ceiling Surfacing

Sikagard® 215 RF System: Sikagard 215 is a Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Coating formulated with temperature resistant reinforeced fibers. Sikagard 215 RF System consists of two coats of Sikagard 215 Resin and Sikafloor 216 Hardener. It can be top coated with a variety of available Sikagard topcoats. Typical thickness for Sikagard 215 RF is 20 mils DFT.

  • Seamless surface
  • Easily cleaned via wash downs
  • Maximum impact & chemical resistance
  • No static cling
  • May be applied to a variety of substrates
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Unaffected by most temperature variations