Sika’s pledge to sustainable development is represented in our directive of “More value, less impact”. We demonstrate this in our focus on six strategic targets: sustainable solutions, climate performance, community engagement, energy, water/waste and occupational safety. In our products, systems and solutions, we seek to build lasting benefits that bring value to customers, communities and the planet.


Architects, designers and building owners use Green building initiatives and certifications, such as LEED, the most widely used global rating system, to determine the long-term performance of building materials and the building itself. In response, Sika floor and wall products are engineered to help them to receive LEED credits.


Sika has developed Manufacturer Inventories to support our user’s material ingredient chemical transparency drives to achieve LEED MR Credit. The Material Inventory has been verified by GreenCircle Certified, LLC, who have been certifying sustainability claims since 2009.

GreenCircle’s audit verifies Sika’s product and chemical management system, which includes a review of the accuracy of the hazard classification, assessment and communication within the provisions of regulatory requirements.

In this audit publicly available ingredients are identified by name and Chemical Abstract Service Registration Number (CASRN). Ingredients defined as a trade secret or intellectual property have been withheld; however, the role, amount and hazards based on screening for the levels of ingredients presented are reported per the requirements of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals rev.3 (2009).

To date, 80% of Sika floor and wall products have been audited by GreenCircle Certified. The remainder of mainder of products are either currently undergoing audit or are scheduled to be audited in early 2021.

Compliance documents can be found in the resource area at sikafloorusa.com along with associated LEED credit summaries.