Riverside, CA

Mt. Rubidoux Manor Sustainability Project

The Mount Rubidoux Manor is a residential building that sits 16 stories high and is used as low income senior housing for ages 55 and up. The First Baptist Church of Riverside is one of the oldest churches in the city that helped raise money to build this housing community. Built in 1971, this 50 year old structure has been around long enough to see some signs of wear and tear and the most sustainable solution was to restore it with the use of our Sika products. 

Sika's sustainable product solutions are ideal for aging structures. Mt. Rubidoux Manor had some corrosion induced spalling on the balcony decks that needed some restoration. SikaTop 122 (aggregate extended) was chosen to repair the spalls on the balcony due to it's easy form and pour application system. To complete the restoration, Sikalastic 710/715 Lo-VOC coating system was used to create a clean finish - this included a primer, base coat and top coat in the color tan.


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prime balcony substrate
Balcony repaired with SikaTop-122 Plus & primed for Sikalastic coating system
sikalastic low voc coating
Sikalastic-715 Lo-VOC Textured wear top coat applied in the color tan
balcony repair top coat
Sikalastic-710 Base Lo-VOC applied to substrate
mt rubidoux balcony
Completed repaired balcony


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