What Primer Should I Use?
Primers Available & Advantages
  Sikalastic Primer Sikalastic FTP Sikalastic FTP Lo-VOC Sikalastic PF Lo-VOC Sikalastic MT Sikalastic Recoat Sikalastic EP Primer
Basis 1c Polyurethane 2c Water-borne Epoxy 2C Epoxy 2C Pore-Filling Epoxy 2c Moisture Tolerant Epoxy 2C Polyurethane 2c Epoxy
Use On Concrete & Plywood Concrete & Plywood Concrete & Plywood Concrete, Plywood, Metal Concrete & Plywood Existing Urethane Coating, Interply Concrete, Asphalt, Metal
Why Use Fast Cure, No Mixing, Cost effective Cost effective Higher Moisture and Porous Substrate Porous and uneven substrates Higher Moisture Recoating or missed recoat window Metal Substrate
Max. Moisture 4% 4% 6%

4% Exterior

5% Interior

6% N/A 4%
Coverage (Typ.) 300 sf/gal 300 sf/gal 300 sf/gal 20-200 sf/gal, 1/8”max. thickness 175 sf/gal 300 sf/gal 250 sf/gal
Recoat Time 45 min 3-4 hours 4-6 hours 3-5 hours 6-8 hours 3 hours 9 hours
Primer Substrate Compatibility
  Concrete Wood Metal PU Sealant PU Coating EP Coating PVC
Sikalastic Primer X X   X X X  
Sikalastic FTP X         X  
Sikalastic FTP Lo-VOC X X   X X X  
Sikalastic PF Lo-VOC X X X     X  
Sikalastic MT X X   X   X  
Sikalastic EP X X X X X X  
Sika Primer 260     X        
Sika Primer 449             X
Sikalastic Recoat Primer   X   X X