The Sika® Secure System plays a critical role in the final appearance and service life of your installed floor. It has been proven that the quality of subfloor and the choice of the correct adhesive make all the difference. Sika® floor covering products have been tested to provide the highest quality solutions for any job you may come across.

Sika® is a world renowned market leader in cement, epoxy and polyurethane chemistry, rising above the competition. System solutions offered by Sika® include moisture barriers, self-leveling cementitious underlayment, and wood floor adhesives that have been proven in both refurbishment and new construction projects in commercial and residential construction.

Product Icon Classification

To help choose the best solution for your projects, Sika® has developed a classification system to define the performance and the features of each product. These icons help differ between products regarding curing speed, strength, special features and much more. Use these icons for a better understanding of the products Sika® has to offer compared to current market competitors.

Interior Finishing Event
Interior Finishing Events

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