Sika® Form Release 8000


Sika® Form Release 8000 is a VOC compliant, petroleum based, chemical release for concrete forms that effectively prevents bonding of concrete to plastic, steel, aluminum, treated paper forms, and plywood.

• Sika® Form Release 8000 produces a smooth, unstained architectural concrete surface ready for curing compounds, sealers, mastics, or paints when applied according to manufacturer’s instructions.
• Waterproofs mill oiled plywood forms to prevent the wicking of alkaline water from the concrete into the form, preventing the form from rotting out and raising the grain, thus doubling or tripling form life.
• Protects metal forms by chemically reacting and forming a rustproof film.
• Sika® Form Release 8000 leaves no residue or cement dust on the concrete surface, so concrete is left with an architectural surface ready for application of curing compound, sealer, or bonder for plaster, mastics, or paint. When any material is to be applied on top of the concrete, follow the application instructions of the material manufacturer.