G-Seal Installation

Sika G-Seal is a cost effective alternative to traditional joint sealing products.

Designed to fit over a variety of expansion board materials, Sika G-Seal provides a long lasting, maintenance free joint seal. With features similar to that of a waterstop, Sika Sika G-Seal will accommodate joint movement without failure. Sika G-Seal is available in styles for both new construction and retrofit applications.

G-Seal Features
  • Unique PVC formulation designed to withstand harsh environments
  • No special installation tools required
  • Standard, retrofit and screed cap profiles available
  • Available in 10 foot pieces or 50 foot rolls
  • Produced in gray to blend with concrete
  • Abrasion resistant
G-Seal Advantages
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Allows joint movement without failure
  • Easy installation regardless of weather
  • Creates clean joint appearance
  • Forms mechanical bond in concrete
  • Significant cost savings over life of product
  • Creates debris shield
  • Easily used in radius forming applications
  • Factory made fabrications are available
Physical Properties
Property Test Specification Values
Tensile strength ASTM D412-92 2350 psi min.
Elongation ASTM D412-92 375% min
Hardness Shore A  ASTM D2240  81 ±3
Oil Swell, Change in Volume/Weight
ASTM #3 Oil, 70 hrs. @ 212°F
ASTM D471 ±3% by volume max.
±15% by weight max
Abrasion Resistance
10,500 cycles, 1000 gram load
ASTM D3884 Material Loss - 0.35 gms. max
Ozone Resistance, 20% strain,
300pphm, 70 hrs. @ 104°F
ASTM D518 No cracking
Adhesive Bond Strength ASTM D412 1000 psi min.
Results after Heat Aging
24 hrs. @ 70°C ASTM D573
ASTM D573 Tensile Strength Retained: 90% min.
Elongation Retained: 90% min.
Hardness Change: ±3